How Do I File Taxes If I Work As a Freelance Artist?

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How to Calculate California Property Taxes on a New Purchased Home

Property taxes are charged on all real estate transactions performed in California, including existing and newly constructed home sales. The tax is a percentage of the purchase price and is levied by the county in which the home is located. In California, the percentage amount used for calculating t

The IRS Finds Ways to Catch Cheats

A lot of people think of the Internal Revenue Service as a top heavy, bungling, bureaucracy that has trouble getting out of its own way. The Internal Revenue Service is a huge bureaucracy, that much is true, but it is streamlined when it comes to catching tax cheats.

Employment Vs. Self Employment Tax in UK

All employees in the United Kingdom are taxed on their job-related income. While the tax rates for employed and self-employed people are similar, the method of filing and paying tax is very different.

IRS Tax Problems - Avoid Tax Fraud and Stay Out of Jail

You're Under Arrest. You think you can get away;but you can't. IRS Personel are trained to recognize Tax Cheater's patterns. They can see the trail of lies and follow it straight to you. Maybe you underreported your income, maybe you made a false claim, or maybe you just made a simple

What Happens If You Get Behind on Child Support Payments?

When a couple divorces, the court must decide on a number of issues including how to divide property and whether spousal support is needed. If that couple has minor children, custody issues must be arranged and a child support obligation is likely ordered. If a parent fails to pay child support or g

Do I Have to Pay the IRS If I Am Disabled?

A central operating principle of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is that "all income is taxable unless it is specifically excluded by law." This means that all citizens, disabled or not, must report income on their annual taxes. Fortunately, the IRS has developed specific tax deductions and credi

Advantages Of Having Professional Tax Accountants!

Now, conservative business owners will opt for the first choice, probably because they are low on budget. But in reality, they are low in their minds. However, making the second choice is what every sane and smart business owner would do.

Easy and Efficient Processing of Payroll Online

Online payroll system is an automated system wherein the entire payroll information of businesses is stored on a server that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It has drastically helped in reduci

Can You Get a Rapid Refund on a 1099?

A rapid refund is the way that many people receive their tax refunds. It is a loan for the money that you anticipate from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). You apply for a rapid refund after the preparer completes your tax forms.

How Much Are Payroll Taxes for Nannies?

In the late 20th and early 21st century, several politicians lost appointments due to not paying "nanny taxes" -- payroll taxes they owed on their nannies' salaries. Don't make the same mistake these politicians made; pay your nanny taxes according to federal tax rules or withhold taxes from each of

Job Salary in Applied Behavioral Analysis

Applied behavioral analysis is a professional field within applied psychology that works to determine the cause of behavioral disorders and issues in various patients and how to resolve those issues. Salaries for professional applied behavioral analysts are better than salaries for related occupatio

Tax Deductions for Moving Expenses

If you move in order to accept a new job or because your existing company changed locations, you may be able to deduct your moving expenses from your taxes. Some of the expenses you may deduct include shipping and packing costs, driving costs and lodging during your move.

How Does Rental Property Affect Taxes?

Whether you're using an investment property as a full-time rental with established tenants or simply renting out a vacation home on the weekends when you don't use it, maintaining a rental property directly impacts your tax situation. Although you'll need to claim rental income from your property, t

Paying for an Offer in Compromise

You must indicate the payment terms for your Offer in Compromise. The payment terms begin from the date that the IRS accepts and approves your Offer in Compromise. Payment terms available: Cash Payment, Short Term Deferred Payment, and Deferred Payment.

What States Don't Have Income or Sales Tax?

Accounting image by Guitar75 from Fotolia.comThroughout the United States, income and sales taxes vary dramatically from state to state. Some have no taxes at all and some states charge very high tax rates. Cost of living is a concern for most people and whether you are relocating for...

How to Estimate Illinois Online Sales Tax

Illinois charges a 6.25-percent sales tax on purchases, including purchases made online. Companies with a presence in Illinois that also conduct their business online collect this tax, on behalf of the state, from Illinois customers. Businesses who have no affiliation with the state do not have this

Income Tax Exemption - Interrelated Roadmap For Calculate Income Tax

Do you make your own income tax return to economize on preparation?If you do, or you plan on using this method on your next return, there are a couple of things that you should really know that may help you to avoid making high-priced income tax mistakes.Errors that will cost, some of your kickbacks

How to Report Income Tax Fraud in Canada

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has set up five offices nationwide to deal with cases of suspected tax abuse or fraud. You can report someone else or you can report mistakes or incomplete information on your own taxes.

IRS Auditing of Medical Deductions

IRS rules allow taxpayers to deduct medical expenses that exceed 7.5 percent of a taxpayer's adjusted gross income (generally wages plus other income, such as interest and dividends). Although deductions for medical expenses are not an automatic red flag for an IRS audit, the government is auditing