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Credit Scores: Small Mistakes That Spell Big Trouble

Most people are aware of the big actions that can cause your credit score to take a tumble: filing bankruptcy, having an account sent to collections,or being foreclosed upon. However, these are not the only actions that can decrease your credit score. Here are some other mistakes a consumer can make

Rebuild Your Credit With Credit Cards

A credit card will help rebuild your credit score because it will help your create a positive payment history and improve your ratio of available credit to debt. With a low credit score you will qualify for a sub prime card, secured card, and prepaid card.

How to Direct What Balance a Credit Card Payment Is Applied To

The Credit Card Reform Act of 2009 states that credit card companies must apply payments to the highest interest rate balance on a credit card. For example, if a cardholder has an interest rate of 20 percent for new purchases and an interest rate of 0 percent for balance transfers, the payment must

How Do Merchant Credit Card Advances Really Work?

For businesses with poor credit, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with cash to cover business expenses. One solution that many businesses use is a merchant credit card advance. With this approach, businesses are given a cash advance and then repay it through the charges that they collect on

How to Get a Post Office Card Account

Post Office Card Accounts are bank accounts designed to allow customers to collect benefit payments. The Post Office Card Account can be accessed through all post offices in the UK. This card account can only be used to receive benefits, tax credit payments and state pensions. No other kind of payme

Ideas Pertaining to Discovering the Best Credit Card Deals

There are a great many types of credit card deals presented through various finance companies. This particular company would like to provide money back for what you spend. A different provider offers reward points that ...

4 Tips to Finding the Best Credit Cards

You need more spending power, but you just aren't sure which are the best credit cards for your spending needs. Before you pick up just any credit card application, you need to take a note of the things that are important to you and that you need to have so you know you are applying for the bes

Increased Consumer Debt Means More FDCPA Lawsuits

With the amount of credit card debt skyrocketing over the past two years the lawsuits against debt collectors have followed suit. Americans are not afraid to notify the Federal Trade Commission when they feel that collection agencies have crossed the line and violated their rights under the Federal

TrueEarnings Card From Costco and American Express - Is it Right For You?

If you're looking for a new credit card, you might want to consider the TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express. While it has a long name, its rewards program is quite easy to understand. If the following guidelines describe your current situation, the this offer may be right for you

The Impact Of Personal Credit Cards On The Economy Over The Past 50 Years

There are some who worry that poor financial management and increasing levels of debt are bad for the economy. Failed businesses and bankruptcies harm the economy and the human consequences too place a strain on budgets. The answer is surely a wise and prudent use of all financial matters including

The Best Merchant Credit Card Processing Service

It’s easy to see why Vision Payment Solutions is among the most sought-after merchant credit card processing services around. We’ve been in the industry for a long time, and we’ve been around the block enough times to know just what merchants need in terms of the payment-processing

Where Do Credit Scores Come From?

So, you're considering repairing your bad credit and restoring your credit score. Maybe you're even going through the process right now but you're not getting results. In or

Have You Crunched Your Car and Crunched Your Credit Rating?

With the high street banks being very cautious about lending even to another bank, let along a poor individual that has a few blemishes on his credit history, how does anybody get around this apparent impasse? And it's no good just nipping down to your local used-car lot and hoping you can bluf

Five Tips When Choosing a Credit Counselor

If you are faced with bankruptcy and need to deal with a credit counselor, beware.Some are legit and some are just scam artists taking advantage of your weakness.

Can a Credit Card Company Withdraw Money From a Bank Without Permission?

The only circumstance under which a credit card company can withdraw money from a consumer’s bank account without permission is by obtaining a court order. If a debtor fails to pay the balance due on the credit card in accordance with the terms and conditions as stated in the card agreement, t