How to Clean a Lab Bench With Clorox

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About Art Careers

The starving artist stereotype is rarely true. Disciplined artists who market themselves and consistently expand their portfolio can make a nice and enjoyable living. Artists are needed in a surprisingly large number of industries and freelance artists who have made a name for themselves can find cl

How You Can Benefit From Low Cost Recruitment Online

If you own a small business then there will come a time when you'll be looking to expand. It may be that you have reached that time and are looking to expand now. Whichever applies ...

NEC Codes - 9535 Advance SEAL Delivery System Maintainer

Navy Enlisted Classification codes identify a non-rating wide skill, knowledge, aptitude, or qualification that must be documented to identify both people and billets for management purposes. Here is the information for Navy NEC 9535 Advance SEAL Delivery System Maintainer

Careers in Protective Services

While few people actually change the world in broad and far-reaching ways through protective services, almost all change the worlds of particular citizens.

Can an Employer Have All Salary Employees?

If you want to place all of your employees on a salary, no federal law stands in your way. However, the U.S. Department of Labor recognizes two distinct types of salaried employees, exempt and nonexempt. Although only minor differences exist between an hourly and a salaried nonexempt employee, the f

Highest Paying MBA Careers

Earning an MBA often allows access to the highest paying careers within a money image by Valentin Mosichev from Fotolia.comThe Master of Business Administration, more commonly know as the MBA, is a degree that attracts many disciplines in the business world. Originally...

Rogerian Interview Techniques

When you use the Rogerian interview technique, you rephrase the words of the person being interviewed and repeat them back to him. This invites the person being interviewed to elaborate on his statements. Used mostly in therapeutic counseling, this technique can be useful in any situation when you a

Standard Operating Procedures for Bartenders

If you enjoy talking to people and have the ability to work with large crowds and sometimes loud music, the job of a bartender may be worth looking into. Most bartenders are trained on the job, although some areas may offer bartending schools. With tips, bartenders can generally make a decent living

Healthy Conflict

Healthy Conflict Can Keep Your Team On Course Using RESPECT to work through conflict on your team. Many people believe that conflict is unhealthy and in reality the opposite is true. The main secret is ...

Mixing Work and Travel Via the Web

The digital revolution is upon us, but many people do not fully think through the potential benefits of it. For many people, the idea of traveling while also working is no longer a myth.

How to Give an Autobiographical Speech

An autobiographical speech is basically an introduction speech that you make about yourself. For one example, you might be making an autobiographical speech as a requirement for a course you're taking. However, this type of speech can also be required when starting a new job, joining a club or organ

Dress to Impress in a Smart Business Suit and Land That New Job

Anyone who is actively looking for a new job needs to have the right tools for the job. That includes a smart business suit to impress a potential employer at the interview. Your personal appearance is critical too; a neat haircut, well manicured fingernails, being clean-shaven, etc, are all vitally

Legal Search Firms

For all those law practitioners as well as the clientele the legal search firms are very helpful especially because they provide a lot of background check which you will find is incorporated in most of their systems as well.

Nursing - A Career to Suit You

Nursing is no longer a job that's confined to the wards of a hospital or health clinic. We explore some of the exciting new roles today's nurses find themselves working in.

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management (HRM) is an integral part of almost all large organizations. It is a department that looks into the recruitment, welfare, education and engagement of employees in accordance with the company policies. In ...

Guidance Counseling Certification

Becoming a certified guidance counselor requires dedication to the process. It takes an individual genuinely interested in helping others, who will follow the values and work ethic that bring successful counseling services.

Office Employee Safety

Office workers may feel that sitting at a desk for the majority of the day does not expose them to many hazards. However, there are a number of risks to their health that they need to be aware of, as well as knowing how to prevent them from occurring.

How to Prepare for an Emergency at the Office

Being at the office on any given day can seem like a cake walk. You have shelter and access to food and water. But what happens when extreme emergencies come up and change everything? It's not like being home where you have resources to work with. Some office workers have no personal belongings with