How to Make a Photo Collage Serving Tray

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Video: Buckeye Nut Crafts

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Holly Silva, and I've been I've been a crafts expert for 15 years and today I'm going to show you how to make a buckeye nut craft. So, I've already begun painting it for you but I'm going to show you how to finish it using of course, any type of paint that...

How to Make a Conductor Hat

You may need a conductor cap to finish off a Halloween costume or you may simply want one for fun. Because of the wide pleats that give the conductor's cap it's unique look, the band needs to fit snug around the head. Precise measurements are required. To make the conductor cap look more official, u

How to Use Colored Pencils Blending Techniques

Both professional artists and art amateurs should have a solid knowledge of blending techniques when using colored pencils if they wish to create realistic shadows and highlights in a colored pencil drawing. Blending colors is especially instrumental in portraying open landscapes and other natural s

Wire Wrap Ring Tutorial

Wire wrapped rings look elegant without costing a lot of money. To create one, all you need are the right supplies and some practice. With time and experience, you can make beautiful rings that are worthy of any jewelry store display.

Video: Starting a Large Pottery Glaze Batch

Video Transcript So, once you have a glaze that you are happy with and you are ready to make a full-sized batch. I like to make 20-25,000 grams usually. In this case, I am going to make 15,000 grams because I will have some of the glaze that I am making left over and I will be mixing...

How to Make Rosebuds With a Hershey Kiss

Combine two loves - chocolate and roses - with this craft that offers a playful and delicious touch on the typical bouquet. Hershey kisses come in dozens of flavors, including milk chocolate, caramel and "hugs," as well as seasonal varieties, such as cherry cordial-filled for Valentine's Day. Coordi

What Animals Have a Tapetum Lucidum?

Tapetum lucidum is a Latin phrase meaning "shining layer" or "bright carpet." It refers to a special layer of cells that certain animals possess, which magnifies and enhances ambient light, enabling efficient nighttime activity. A wide variety of unrelated organisms have evolved this feature, while

How to Make Memories With Stitched Tin Tiles

Stitched tin tiles are metal tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes that feature small holes along the edges of the tile so they can be sewn onto fabric. These tiles often are used in scrapbooking to frame pictures or add a metal plaque detail. The holes allow the option of threading colorful embroi

Shed Roof - What Makes A Great Shed Roof?

"What makes a great shed roof?" people sometimes ask me. And from this I can assume that they mean beyond the obvious, "keep the water out". What they are getting at is shed roof design, ...

Beginning Sewing for Kids

Like adults, kids like to work with their hands and be creative. While many crafts are easy for children, some of the most fulfilling are those that take attention and practice, such as sewing. Getting kids started with sewing takes only simple supplies and basic instruction, something that any mode

How to Cut a Cardboard Loom

When you are learning how to weave, you may think that you need to use a loom that contains complicated levers. However, you can make a basic, functional loom using a piece of standard cardboard. This enables you to create a piece of woven fabric using a loom that even the most novice weavers can us

How to Fold Paper to Make Cars

An origami car is a creative craft that children will love. Origami is an art that transforms a flat piece of paper into a different shape. Origami improves a child's learning skills and gives him a sense of accomplishment as he creates something new. Many children are able to follow origami instruc

How to Make a Motor Coil

Electric motors use something known as a motor coil, which spins to generate electricity using a magnet. They come in several varieties and sizes, depending on the size and specifications of the motor being used. This project is an example of a very simple motor coil that you can make at home using

Craft Ideas Gifts for Preteen Girl

In these days of the Internet, cell phones and texting, it may be hard to get the attention of your preteen girl to do anything else. Use a craft project to encourage her to tap into their creative side. Preteen crafts should be moderately challenging to capture her attention and result in a item wo

How to Make a Shrinky Dink Turkey

When adults think of turkey, they think of a club sandwich or a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. When children think of it, they think of the "gobble, gobble" sounds and all of the fun crafts they can make. Chances are, your child has made a turkey or two out of her own hand. This year, try a new craf

Instructions for How to Bend Wire to Make Jewelry

Bending wire is a key step in creating unique jewelry designs. Spirals, eye pins, S-curves, wrapped loops and other wire sculpting techniques allow the designer to blend metals, beads and found items, such as shells, stones and beach glass, into exciting and distinctive pieces that will garner comp

How to Make Canvas Mache Rock Formations

Canvas mache is just like the French art of paper mache, however, instead of using strips of paper you use strips of canvas. You can use canvas mache to make a number of durable sculptures, including rock formations. This project can be great for designing props for a play or even making landscaping

How to Make Flowers Using a Paper Punch

Paper flower crafts have expanded a great deal since shaped paper punch tools have come on the market. There is a garden full of flowers you can make with paper punch tools, and specific punches are shaped for a single flower. You can find these single floral punches in the shape of tulips and poins