How to Make a Seashell Necklace

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Free Beaded Butterfly Key Chain Projects

Creating a butterfly key chain is a great way to spend an hour or so with a kid (or group of kids) who love to craft. The patterns involved in crafting a key chain butterfly range from very simple to complicated, so you can choose a design based upon the age of the child you are working with and his

Viking Knit Directions

The use of Viking knitting to produce metal chains for jewelry dates back to at least the ninth century, according to National Museum of Finland curator Leena Tomanterä. Metal chains made using the technique have been found in grave sites and treasure hoards throughout regions occupied by t

Video: Making the Base for an Origami Valentine's Box

Video Transcript The next Valentine's package we're going to make is this really cool origami box. This box is held together with just the ribbon. There's no glue at all to this and it's really fun to make. The first thing you'll need to do is choose some paper. I like to choose a...

How to Make Paint Last Longer

Painting your house can refresh its appearance at an affordable price. While painting itself is one of the most cost-effective remodeling options, it is a time- and labor-intensive option. Keeping your paint in pristine condition can be accomplished with simple maintenance and by taking a few simple

How to Use Interfacing When Embroidering on Caps

Decorating caps with embroidery can personalize a cap, and using interfacing behind the embroidered surface adds strength and body to the embroidered area. The interfacing also makes it stiffer and often easier to embroider, whether it is decorated by hand or by machine. It is relatively easy to use

Omron HEM-725C Instructions

The Omron HEM-725C is a fully automatic blood pressure measuring device. It's powered by batteries, which makes it highly portable for on the fly blood pressure checks. The simple to read digital screen displays clinically proven accurate results within minutes of testing, according to Omron Healthc

Photography - Famous Photography Quotes

Probably one of the most famous photographers of all time was Ansel Adams. Adams was born In San Francisco California in 1902. He lived in Carmel until he died in 1984. His most popular photo ...

Easy Summer Preschool Crafts

Keep your preschooler busy all summer long by engaging them in craft activities. Whether your child attends a year-long preschool program or has summers off, crafts can teach preschoolers about summer insects, signs and weather. Take a break from playing outside or get away from summer thunder storm

Facts on Tile Mosaics

Understanding the basics behind any art or craft form is an important component to the creation process. Working with tile mosaics is a perfect example. Here's some basic information about the art form that should help you in deciding if this is an art you'd like to explore more closely.

How to Make Homemade Tarts & Candles

Candles and tarts are a great way to decorate your house. Candles come in all shapes, sizes, colors and fragrances. Tarts are wickless candles that are melted in special containers. Buying candles and tarts can be expensive, so why not make your own? Making them is relatively easy and exponentially

How to Make Different Shaped Dice

If you are making a game board or other game that requires dice, you may need to make your own. While many game dice are conventional cubes with number dots, others are different shapes and might have numbers, letters or symbols on them. An excellent material to use for making your own dice is polym

How to Sew Glass Beads on Girls' Socks

Sparkly, shiny glass beads turn an ordinary pair of socks into a glam fashion accessory. Little girls can channel their inner princess with a pair of beaded socks. You can purchase beaded socks in high-end boutiques, but making them yourself is a quick evening project. Buy glass beads at craft and s

Ways To Improve Handwriting

Ways to Improve Handwriting Did you know your handwriting says a lot about you? You can be a very polished, educated person, but if your handwriting is poor, you may be giving off quite the ...

DIY Display Cabinet

You can make display cases in many ways, but this one is inexpensive and easy. It works well in a child's room as a treasure case. Every rock, feather and bottle cap your child collects can become the focus of attention. This particular case is in use from mid-September through Halloween and when th

How to Quilt With Paper Piecing

Paper piecing, also known as "foundation piecing," is a traditional quilting method popular for creating precise, sharp points, unusual shapes and eliminating the need to cut small pieces of fabric. Paper piecing will take more time than traditional quilting because you'll need to trace the quilt bl

Blue Bird Gifts

Bluebirds are symbols of happiness, love and hope.mountain bluebird 2 image by BONNIE C. MARQUETTE from Fotolia.comBluebirds are considered to be symbols of happiness, love and hope. These birds were sacred to the Navajo Indians, who cherished them because of their brilliant blue color,...

Mud & Straw House Craft for Kids

A mud and straw house craft for kids teaches them about ancient adobe, or sun-brick, building techniques. According to the National Park Service, adobe bricks made from mud and straw are one of the oldest forms of building known to man. The bricks are not fired in a kiln so they contract with the ch

How to Crochet a Simple Cardigan

Crocheted cardigans can be completed by beginners and experienced crocheters. These cardigans make great jackets to wear in the fall and early winter with scarves. Various patterns for crocheting cardigans are available on the Internet or through crochet hobby magazines. Although there are plenty of

How to Crochet a Girl's Cap With a Bill

Crocheted accessories add a chic homemade flair to any outfit. Crocheted caps with bills keep heads warm while shielding the eyes from too much sunshine. Make your own crocheted billed caps for the girls in your life using a combination of a few simple stitches. These caps are worked in a round, so