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How to Stay Out of Trouble

There are different ways to stay out of trouble. Some are simple to do, and some are not. Some important ways to do so are setting goals, pursuing an education, choosing positive friends, and following the law. Those are ways to stay out of trouble.

Education For The 24th And A Half Century

To know nothing...while it is true that learning to question what knowledge you take for granted and admitting that there things you still need to learn are essential to intellectual growth, it also calls into question what our young minds are currently filling their heads with when they attend scho

Ten Etiquette Rules for Children

Success is your birthright so anyone can have it. Here are a few etiquette rules that children can follow to help them to become more successful in life.The Top Ten Etiquette Rules for Children are...

The History Of Sorensons Ranch School

Sorenson's Ranch School started as a summer program for youth. In the summer of 1959 the original people involved were Burnell and Carrol Sorenson, Ell Sorenson, Wayne Brindley and Milton Bri

Fisher Price Power Wheels

Fisher Price Power Wheels are different model electric ride-on toys that let kids age 3 to 7 enjoy driving around their yard or driveway. There are a number of different styles, including a Jeep, a Cadillac Escalade, and four-wheelers.

Music and the Young Child

Having operated a successful Family Child Care in my home for over 10 years, I have had many opportunities to introduce various aspects of the Arts to young children. Being naturally musical myself, providing a musical curriculum to my kids was a simple and obvious way to enhance the daily activitie

Teach Your Children to Achieve Their Goals

Parents are responsible for teaching their kids the right way of living. This includes achieving their goals and dreams in life by way of developing practical skills such as visualisation and focusing on their goals.

Invisible Kids

Like the man upon a stair who wasn't there, we manage to not see the foster children in our midst. When we do see them, we prefer that they would go away. They are an embarrassment.

Change Coming to the SAT - So What Else Is New?

The president of the College Board just spoke about the changes coming to the SAT in 2016. (The original announcement came a year ago.) He spoke very generally about the changes, saying that specifics - sample questions - will be released next month on April 16, 2014. Parents and educators are all i

5 Stress Busters Every Student Needs Now

For high school and college students, stress is often inescapable. Between mounds of homework, that crappy retail job, work study, and trying to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life um, headache anyone? However, how we choose to deal with stress is totally within our control. I

The Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Lego Set for Christmas 2010

If you are looking for kids' Christmas gifts for 2010, a Lego set may be exactly what you are looking for. Of course, you should not limit yourself to Lego sets when you are hunting for Christmas gifts for a kid this year. You may even want to give a try with a big wheel tricycle or an electric

Winnie the Pooh Free Coloring Pages - Educational and Fun!

Winnie the Pooh free coloring pages are a great way to help entertain your kids, and encourage creativity as well. Who knows, perhaps exposure to the Winnie the Pooh coloring pages booklets at a young age may result in you having a budding young child prodigy artist on your hands!

5 Ways to Entertain Kids on a Rainy Day

I have some pretty active kids as do many of you, and although often they can occupy themselves, even when it's rainy, not always. Rainy weekends can be difficult as can rainy vacations, especially if we are away from home, their friends, and all their toys and other stuff.