6 Ways You Can Save Money On Black Friday

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, many people are planning to spend a fortune on computers, phones, iPods, tablets, iPads, toys, clothing, television sets, and all other types of items! Unfortunately, these items will fail to comfort us while we are sitting in bankruptcy, so it would do us well to come up with a plan to save money this year.

Here are five easy ways we can cut back on our spending, and hopefully save ourselves from all of the regret that normally follows!

Skip It- Honestly, do not use Black Friday as a possible excuse to cast aside discipline and spend money! There is no such thing as a rule that says it's a requirement to shop on the day after Thanksgiving. Many people I know never shop on Black Friday, although I do know many people that will shop on Cyber Monday!

Make a Spending Plan - If you must shop on Black Friday, you will need a budget. Because you have done research and created a list, it ought to be simple to hold your spending under control!

Learn About the Deals Ahead of Time - The specifics of the various sales that will be available can be found on multiple web sites. The Black Friday 2011 deals have already been posted in various places. By finding these deals and ad scans beforehand, you have time to research reviews of the various products in addition to making certain that the sale prices represents significant savings.

Write Down a List - Creating a list will encourage you to keep a clear head, while avoiding being distracted by every "great offer" inside the store! This isn't true only for Black Friday, but for everyday shopping as well.

Know the Layout of the Store - Normally, individuals will line up for these sales, hours in advance. You'll see a huge crowd of people willing to stomp on anyone in their way to get at their products. Therefore you won't have an opportunity to casually browse the aisle looking for those items on your list. Know where they tend to be and the best way to get to them before you go.

Bring the Circular - Many sites (like the one linked to above) provide scans from the full ads for many stores. To be certain that you choose up the right item (especially after shoppers produce a mess with the inventory and signs), you may want to compare it with the circular. Having it on you, or maybe in your phone, will assist you greatly.

If you just follow these six simple tips, you'll be guaranteed to spend less money this year for Black Friday.
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