Targeted Email Marketing Using Your Customer Database Made Easy

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A typical SME is likely to have a number of business functions that are treated separately.
Imagine how powerful it would be if your Marketing department had instant access to your sales team's CRM system.
They would be able to target their marketing material at a whole host of potential clients with information that could assist the salespeople in closing the sales.
Now imagine that they could set up a marketing campaign just once, and automate it so that they are sending information to all new entries to the sales team's CRM system without having to even click a button.
Add to this a database of all customers that you have had past and present, with the power to segment your database into target lists in moments; list of people who have spent over a certain threshold with you, customers that have been repeat buyers, and customers that have bought certain products.
Then tailor marketing campaigns specific to that customer list so that you are advertising the right things to the right people, increasing your efficiencies.
Imagine then that you could report on the effectiveness of these marketing campaigns by seeing who opens your emails, who responds to your call-to-actions (maybe following links to your website, or returning a questionnaire) and much more.
While thinking about reporting, ask yourself how long management accountants spend downloading reports from accounting packages into spreadsheets, manipulating data to get it into the correct format, analyzing it and producing reports for management? It would be great if this was all done automatically for you - not so great for the management accountant that would be out of a job! Well, you better tell him to update his CV because this functionality exists! Explore the potential WYSI has within your company today by taking a free 30-day no obligation trial and experience the way your business will need to function tomorrow, today! Find out more at http://www.
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