How to Tune Up a 2001 Dodge Caravan

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    • 1). Disconnect the negative battery cable, using the appropriate wrench. Set the cable aside, ensuring it does not touch metal. If you are working on a V-6 engine, remove the windshield wiper motor, using the appropriate socket, so you can access the plugs on the firewall side.

    • 2). Mark the distributor cap towers with a number. Number the spark plug wires with the same number of their towers on the cap. Matchmark the distributor by drawing a line from the cap down onto the housing. Hold up the new cap to the old cap. Mark the new cap in the same manner as the old cap.

    • 3). Pull the wire off one plug using your hands or the spark plug wire pliers. Remove the plug, using the spark plug socket. Install a new plug and screw it in by hand as far as it will go. Tighten it firmly, using the spark plug socket. Follow the wire up to the cap and remove the wire. Match it with the new wire. Mark the new wire the same way the old wire is marked. Push the other end of the new wire onto the new distributor cap's appropriate tower. Repeat for the rest of the plugs.

    • 4). Remove the distributor cap, using the appropriate socket. Remove the rotor, using the appropriate socket. Install the new rotor. Install the new distributor cap -- all the wires should be on the new cap. Tighten the distributor bolts.

    • 5). Check all the fluids and top off as needed: power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, oil, windshield washer fluid and coolant. Check the belts for glazing or dry rot. Replace as necessary.

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