How to Lose Weight in a Month - Clearing Up the Uncertainty

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Even these days after billions of dollars have been spent trying to educate and teach us how to stay healthy and manage our weight, it still amazes me just how many people really don't get it.
So I'd like to spend the next few moments spelling out EXACTLY how to lose weight in a month, whichever way you look at it and I want to dispel some of the popular myths that are still around today.
First and foremost if you didn't get it the first time around, YOU NEED TO EXPEND (burn off) MORE CALORIES THAN YOU TAKE IN (eat and drink).
Now this is quite a simple equation which holds true whichever way you play around with it, you have to eat less than you're burning off.
I like to think of your body as a bank account.
Put more money in than you take out each day and you'll build up a nice healthy balance.
Keep doing this over a long period of time and you'll be rich, you'll have plenty of reserves to use for whatever life throws your way.
Well body fat is very much like that.
We all need some of it to be healthy, but over and above certain amounts is not a good thing.
If you go through periods of time when you're simply saving more fat and storing it in nice little pockets all around your body then you'll quickly amass a large amount of it which will be very hard to shift and definitely detrimental to your health.
This is the first thing you need to know.
The second thing is that just visiting a gym once or twice a week without changing anything else in your life is futile.
At best (and I mean you'd really have to be going for it for at least an hour), you can expect to burn off around 1,000 calories and this would depend on what you had to eat and drink before a workout.
Did know that you'd have to burn off around 3500 calories to lose just 1lb of body fat.
So you can clearly see that going to the gym once or twice a week on its own isn't going to be the solution for you.
The real solution has three parts to it...
#1 You need to become more active and burn calories off through regular exercise or hobbies.
#2 You absolutely must make changes to your diet.
You'd be wrong in thinking that you need to change everything and that you have to eat perfectly to lose weight...
you don't.
Even small changes combined with a more active lifestyle will start to crank up your body's fat burning furnace.
#3 You have to exercise your muscles.
Muscle is highly metabolic, it needs calories to survive, so much of the food you eat will be used to repair and fuel those muscles as opposed to being stored as fat.
The more muscle you have, then the more calories you'll burn even at rest...
Unfortunately for most people there still isn't a pill or potion that can help you to lose weight and tone up.
At some stage, you'll have to become more active and improve your diet, so why not get straight to point and bypass all the hype and sales talk promoting this weight loss gizmo or that quick fix diet and take matters in to your own hands.
It's not difficult to know how to lose weight in a month, simply follow the guidelines above and get started now.
The sooner you begin, the quicker you'll get the body of your dreams.
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