The Top Three Internet Marketing Practices

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Build your list
An internet marketer's most valuable asset is his or her list.
This is the list of leads, customers and prospects that have opted into the list because the marketer is providing what they want.
This is all accomplished using websites and auto responders.
The website could be a landing page, blog or any other kind of site.
An auto responder is a web service that allows you to manage and send messages to your list.
This is the primary form of communication.
The auto responder allows you to leverage your efforts.
A good example of a list could be an internet marketer who is targeting people who are searching on weight loss.
They provide valuable information to people about weight loss (i.
foods to eat, exercise tips, supplements, etc.
) and the people opt in to the list for more information.
Create a relationship with your list
This is the part that either makes or breaks an internet marketer.
Your main focus when you are building your list is to create a relationship.
You want to build trust.
You want your subscribers to know and like you.
The easiest way to do this is give them exactly what they want and be yourself.
Being genuine will not only increase your sales and conversions, but make your subscribers feel like they actually know you, even if you have never met.
You have to provide your subscribers a lot of value and give them good information and content.
Give away things before you can expect anything in return.
No value = no money.
Market to your list
This is the step that brings home the bacon.
Now you are building your list and creating a relationship, what do you do next? You market to your list.
You provide them with products and services that are going to benefit them or pose a solution for their problem.
Because your list now knows, likes and trust you, it will be easy to eliminate any kind of skepticism they might have about buying from you.
You are simply providing them the answers and if it is for them, they will be whipping out their credit cards like clockwork and continually buy from you.
Your next step is to repeat steps 1-3.
Do this effectively with a subscriber base of 10,000 or greater and you are looking at an early retirement.
There is a reason that many aspiring internet marketers are not having success and that is because they do not follow this process to a T.
You have to remember that you are building a relationship with people and not just computer screens.
Be valuable and the rest will fall into place.
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