How to Make Birdhouses With Pretzel Sticks

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    • 1). Wash out a one-half gallon paper milk container with soap and water. Allow the container to dry.

    • 2). Draw a three-inch hole into the center of one the sides of the milk carton. Cut out the hole with a utility knife. This will be the entrance hole for the bird.

    • 3). Close the top of the milk carton and secure it in place with a stapler. Make a hole in the center of the stapled spout with a pair of scissors. Place an eight-inch piece of twine through this hole and tie the two ends together.

    • 4). Paint the entire milk carton light brown. Allow the paint to dry. This will help make the presence of the milk carton less obvious on the finished project.

    • 5). Glue the pretzel sticks horizontally onto all four sides of the body of the milk carton. Do not cover the hole with the sticks.

    • 6). Glue the pretzel sticks vertically down both sides of the top of the milk carton, making sure not to cover the twine that was previously attached to the stapled spout. This will give the appearance of a roof. Allow the glue to dry on the entire birdhouse.

    • 7). Glue one end of a pretzel stick underneath the hole on the front of the birdhouse. Hold the stick in place for a few minutes to ensure it remains attached. Hang the birdhouse from a tree.

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