How Clutter Affects You and Why It"s Important to Conquer Clutter

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We hear a lot about clutter and while you may think it is a lot of hype and has no affect on you, you would be wrong.
Clutter affects many aspects of your life.
Let's have a look at how clutter affects you, and why it is important to conquer clutter.
Cluttered Closets We fill our closets with "stuff.
" Our closets are where we hide things, and they can actually indicate problems we do not even recognize on a conscious level that may affect your ability to deal with relationships, life, and work.
The biggest problem is when we have cluttered closets we are actually smothering our ability to be intuitive.
Cluttered Kitchens The kitchen has always been seen as the "heart of the home," because it is here that we spend time with our family, it is here that we are nourished physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Here is where meals are prepared with love and that love filters through the family unit.
Your kitchen gives clues about how well you are nourished and supported.
A cluttered kitchen indicates a lack of support.
Decluttering and cleaning your kitchen creates an environment where you are able to receive comfort and support that you need.
Cluttered Bathrooms The bathroom is where we prepare to face the world every day.
When a bathroom is cluttered it can indicate you do not value yourself.
A clean, nicely decorated bathroom provides a place for more than care of oneself.
It is a place to rejuvenate and it is even a tranquil sanctuary.
The bathroom is the perfect place for fragrant candles, scented soaps, and luscious towels.
Eliminate the clutter in your bathroom and transform your bathroom into a place of tranquility.
Cluttered Bedrooms Bedrooms should be a place to rest ones weary bones and to rejuvenate for a fresh start.
Adult bedrooms should also be a place for intimacy.
When a bedroom is cluttered it becomes restless space.
Your bedroom needs to be a relaxing space, which is why it needs to be one of the first places you declutter.
Cluttered Dining and Living Rooms These are the two areas of the home where family and friends meet and entertain.
It is also where we connect with the world through the television, engage our minds listening to music, relax and read, or discuss politics during a heated debate with friends.
When this space becomes cluttered it can become a place of isolation rather than entertaining.
People just do not want to come into a place where there is clutter everywhere.
They are uneasy the space itself is not relaxing.
Have you buried yourself behind the clutter in your home.
There are other areas in your home.
There is your garage, your basement, your attic.
Sometimes these areas pose the worst cases of clutter.
Nevertheless they need to be dealt with and they are not where you should move clutter to from other rooms in your house.
Clutter affects your mood, your well-being, and your overall life.
Clutter is often a sign of a much deeper problem.
The time to conquer clutter is now.
It will be refreshing and just think how tranquil and relaxing your home will be when you are done.
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