Online Marketing Teachers - Four Affordable Steps to Find Your Ideal Marketing Mentor

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One of my first online technology teachers claims she spent over $10,000 on various courses before she began to make any money.
A well known copywriter tells listeners she spent $60,000 before she found the right online teacher and mentor.
So how do you find an affordable marketing teacher or mentor for your online business among the thousands who are seeking your money and attention? Who can offer the appropriate materials, accessibility and commitment in every price category? Stay on-course and on-budget with the following tips when you search for an online marketing mentor.
• Spend Less Money First: Be confident in the quality of free and low-cost product offerings before you commit a greater amount of money to any online marketing teacher.
Spend less at first and increase your budget as you gain confidence.
They might also offer expensive coursework or consulting services, but start with their more modest offerings which could run from nothing to $150.
One cautionary note--remember that if you're paying only $27, you won't receive $1000 worth of information.
If you feel you've benefited from an instructor's lowest priced items, move to the products he offers at the next price level.
If you haven't benefited, move on.
• Listen to Free Online Course Previews: Evaluate the online preview as critically as you would one you paid for.
Did the teacher's voice and presentation inspire your trust? Were his materials informative? These are questions only you can answer.
If you found he spent more time talking about his success than answering questions, continue to shop.
Trust your ability to evaluate what your getting and what the teacher is offering.
• Look for Additional Materials About and By the Teacher: Read a few weeks worth of the teacher's blogs and articles about or by him published in other online directories such as EzineArticles.
Evaluate this information in the same way you evaluated his preview.
Are you learning about marketing as you read these materials? Does he offer a way to ask him questions about his coursework? • Choose the Mentor for Your Level: Be sure that the teacher prepares his courses for your level.
Be honest about your ignorance.
If you're not an advanced marketing student with a monetized online business, avoid advanced courses, even from reputable providers.
Don't waste your marketing dollars on an expensive course for established online entrepreneurs who employ knowledge their peers take for granted and technology you cannot yet afford to use.
The result could be overwhelming and discouraging-you can't do the breaststroke before you master treading water.
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