Novice Investors Who Watch Too Much Reality TV

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Sometimes this business can bring a smile to your face! I received a call from a "Novice Investor" she had read several of my blogs and wanted to inform me that she has a Condo for sale in "Punta Gorda Florida".
We spoke for several minutes and I started realizing that she was in fact "Pitching Me" to either purchase her condo directly, or pass the word to others, without any compensation! I always enjoy these "Alerts" from people who for whatever reason, don`t know what they`re saying and haven`t a clue what their doing! Either way it`s classic to listen to these REALITY TV CLONES reason with a "Realtor" whom makes a living assisting people with the"Buying and Selling of Real Estate".
The conversation is as follows: Novice Investor: I`m calling all Realtors like yourself to inform them that I have an investment property to sell in Punta Gorda! Me: Great! It`s always my pleasure to help someone like you sell their home.
Novice Investor: No, you don`t understand,I`m asking you to pass the word to anyone who maybe interested in purchasing my condo, or you can buy it for yourself, I read that you`re an investor like me! Me: I`m definitely and investor, but I make a living "Selling or Buying" Real Estate for others.
I don`t "Pass the word" for free! Novice Investor: Well, I`m not looking to pay anyone a commission, I just need someone to buy my condo! It was obvious by the tone of her voice that she was a Novice Investor, over her head! In her surreal world of watching "Flip This House, or This Old House" she actually believed that she can call a Realtor to spread the word, for FREE! As I hung up from her I started smiling, I`m thinking how many other Realtors she called today and made their day,as she did mine!
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