Quick Tips For Dealing With Email

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  Don't send it unless you need to!
  Think twice before forwarding an email to friends and colleagues just because it's something amusing.
  It can waste time and fill someone else's Inbox unnecessarily.
  Use the subject line effectively.
  Include key information in the subject line.
For example, if you need a response, include the deadline.
 If it's just informational, put FYI in the subject line.
 Pare down your Inbox
 Set a target for the number of emails in your inbox.
 Some people find a maximum of 40 works for them.
 Then, on a weekly basis file emails you want to keep and delete emails you don't need.
 Set up folders.
Set up folders so you can move items out of your Inbox.
  Identify keep people or subjects for the folder headings for emails you want to reference later.
 Use flags
  For follow up, flag emails that require a follow up.
 You can use different color flags to indicate different actions or categories.
 Delete emails
  On a regular basis delete emails that you don't need to keep.
  Remember the 80/20 Rule - 80% of the time, you only use 20% of your stuff.
  The more you delete the less clutter in your Inbox to distract you.
 Don't let email rule your life! 
Try checking it later in the morning or later in the day.
  While email can be both a convenience and a nuisance, you can be grateful it's not arriving every 30 minutes and piling up on your desk to be sorted, opened and dealt with like postal mail!
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