Top Five Tips For Getting Great Wedding Photos

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You've booked the venue, you've invited the guests.
The clothes and flowers are all chosen and the table plans have been pored over.
All in all, you've made every arrangement to ensure that your big day goes well, not just for you but for all your friends and family.
But what about the photos? These top tips will hopefully help you to get the photos of your dreams from the day of your life.
Don't rule out doing it yourself.
Surprised? You probably don't expect to feed the guests yourself and few people these days make their own outfits, so why wouldn't you hire a professional photographer to take the photos or film the whole event? Many professional photographers stipulate that no one else is allowed to take pictures at your wedding - after all they want you to buy as many pictures from them as you can.
But professional photographers tend to concentrate on posed pictures of the 'wedding party' post-vows and whilst we may want a record of how fine we looked, those stiff group shots never sum up the feel of a day like a picture of a loved one laughing or revellers on a dance floor.
By allowing your friends and family to take their own shots, you can get those candid shots that a professional would never think to take.
Nobody knows your friends and family like you do, and whilst they may not have the technical wizardry of a professional, provided they take plenty of shots, they should be able to provide you with many happy pictoral memories of the your great day.
Appoint two family members to be head photographers.
Why two? Unless your families know each other very well, the chances are that each photographer will show a bias towards the people they know.
So maybe the groom's family are in every shot whilst the bride's might be neglected.
Most families have at least one person with a photography hobby that they'd love an opportunity to practice.
You might think the day is all about you, but a wedding is a huge celebration of your commitment and in years to come you'll enjoy looking at the pictures of your friends and family enjoying themselves.
Yes, you want some great shots of you and your spouse looking your very best, but don't neglect the guests! 3.
Put a disposable camera on every table at the reception and offer a prize for the best photos.
Sounds unconventional? Well, you may find a few unwanted snaps come development time, but this ups the chance that the cameras will be filled.
Although the camera-on-table trick is not a new one, cameras frequently lie neglected.
Quite often people forget about the cameras after the first bottle of wine is opened and at the end of the event only a few pictures may have been taken.
By offering a token gift for each filled camera brought to you at the end of the night you'll be sure of having photos that show what happened after the vows have been said and the posed shots are over.
Encourage your friends to bring their cameras and get them to email digital shots to you afterwards or forward their pictures by post.
Once the wedding is over you'll realise just how little time you got to spend with each guest and it's far better to have as many pictures to choose from as possible of your big day, particularly if you plan to print them for an album later.
Don't forget to ask when you write your thank yous.
Remember that even the best laid plans can go awry.
Having a photo of that ripped veil or Uncle Bob drunk (again) under a table or the pageboy picking his nose at the critical moment will one day be something you can laugh about when the photos come out.
If you do decide to go the 'unprofessional' route of wedding photos, the good thing about using amateurs is that you won't be relying on just one person to produce the goods.
Because even professionals can get it wrong and if that happens, the chances could be that you'll have no record at all.
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