How To Read And Open Small Memory Dump Files

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Hey, dump files are not just the garbage material, they work as a useful storage once your system get crashed down or suddenly stopped working, helps in diagnosing and debugging errors in computer programs. Small dump files are those files that consists of recorded state of the working memory of a computer program at a specific time, especially when the program has stopped working or get crashed down. They are useful even when the hard disk space is limited.
The list of information that are present in the dump files are as follows,
It contains the stop message and its parameter and other data.
List of all the loaded drivers.
Information of the processor that has stopped by providing processor context.
Information of the process that has stopped by providing process information and kernel context.
Information of the thread that has stopped by providing process information and kernel context.
By providing information of the Kernel-mode call stack for the thread that has stopped.
Steps to configure a small dump file are as follows,
Select Start by clicking at the windows logo icon at the left most bottom corner.
Then click to Settings, then Control Panel and then System.
Click on the Advanced tab lies inside your system properties and then on the Settings within the Startup and Recovery options.
Here, find the list of folder or file titled "Write debugging information" and choose the small memory option.
The steps to read the small dump file using the Dump Check Utility (Dumpchk.exe) are as follows,
Check your current windows version and then insert Windows CD-ROM related to it.
Select the Support/Tools folder from the inserted disk and run Setup.exe to install it.
Now, open Dumpchk.exe from the downloaded Support Tools folder.
Scan Dumpchk.exe which includes dump validation, extra file validation, dump exam, etc.
Run the scan and read the output.
Dumpchk.exe will report any errors found within the dump file information.
Note: the program will display where the problem lies, but will not repair any damage.

Now, here come the steps to open/debug these small dump files which are as follows,
Download, install and run the windows debugging tools from the Microsoft windows website.
Then, click the start button having windows logo, open the run dialogue box, type cmd, and then click ok.
Type cd c:\program files\debugging tools for windows and then press enter.
Type one of the following command to load the dump file into a debugger, which are as follows,
Windbg -y SymbolPath -i ImagePath -z DumpFilePath
Kd -y SymbolPath -i ImagePath -z DumpFilePath
Then press enter.
Friends these are the ways trough which you can use small dump files of your system. If you face any sort of problem and needs technical support you can call me on my toll free number 1-855-352-1816. You can even visit website, it provides online technical support, windows maintenance tools, softwares protection tools and so on.
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