How to Make Boat Crafts for Preschool

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    Colors and Shapes

    • 1). Cut out an 8-inch-long oval from brown construction paper to create the hull of the boats. Let the preschool children help cut this basic boat shape. Have the children cut this oval shape in half, creating two 8-inch boat hulls.

    • 2). Cut sails for both boats. For the first boat, cut out 2 triangles of different colors, one 4 inches tall and the other 3 inches tall. For the second boat, cut out a 6-by-4-inch rectangle. Cut the sails from bright, primary-colored paper.

    • 3). Create the masts of the boats. The sails attach to the masts of the ships. These spars, or poles, attach to the ship's deck and support the sails. Have the children cut masts that are 7 inches tall and 2 inches wide from brown construction paper. Using straws as masts, however, adds depth and texture to the boat craft.

    • 4). Assemble the boat craft. Glue the boat hulls onto separate sheets of card stock. Have the masts rise from the center of the boats. On one mast, glue the triangle sails. On the other, glue the rectangle sail horizontally across the mast near the top.

    Make It Float

    • 1). Tape a cereal box closed. You may also use a smaller box such as a cake mix box. Lay the box on its back. Cut out the front panel. This is your basic boat shape. Cover the back and all sides with heavy aluminum foil. Don't puncture the foil. Tuck and fold excess rather than cutting it away.

    • 2). Cut a 6-inch tall triangle sail from cloth, paper, cardboard or a large plastic lid. If the sail is cut from paper or cardboard, let the preschool children color and decorate it.

    • 3). Turn a large foam cup upside down. Let the preschool children use markers or stickers to decorate the cup. Glue the cup to the center of the cereal box boat.

    • 4). Cut wooden dowel to 12 inches, one for each preschool child. Glue or staple the sail to the side of a dowel. Cut a hole in the bottom of the cup and push the free end of the rod into the cup to create a sail for the boat.

    • 5). Float the boat in a tray, sink or pool. This boat won't last forever, but it will float. Let the preschool children blow on the sails to make them move.

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