How to Make Snowballs in Preschool

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    Glitter Snowballs

    • 1). Give each child a small balloon, a pile of newspaper strips and a bowl full of equal parts glue and water mixed together.

    • 2). Show the children how to dip the pieces of newspaper in the glue mixture and lay it over the balloon. They should cover it completely with the the newspapers.

    • 3). Allow the glue to dry completely. This could take up to two days.

    • 4). Have the children cover their newspaper balloons with white paint, the sprinkle glitter over the paint. Let the balloons dry overnight.

    • 5). Pierce through the paint and newspaper with a pin to pop the balloon. The painted newspaper will remain in shape. You can hang these around the room or have the children take them home.

    Foam Snowball

    • 1). Give each child a small foam ball and have them drive a skewer halfway through it. Do not use skewers with sharp ends to avoid the children hurting themselves.

    • 2). Have the children cover the foam ball entirely in glue using a brush.

    • 3). Pour fake glittery snowflakes into a bowl. You can find these at local and on-line craft stores.

    • 4). Have the children take turns dipping their snowball into the snow flakes, making sure to get all sides coated.

    • 5). Stick the skewer end of the snowballs in a block of floral foam to allow the glue to dry completely.

    Snowball Pictures

    • 1). Give each child a sheet of blue construction paper.

    • 2). Combine equal parts glue and shaving cream in a large bowl.

    • 3). Allow the children to stick their hands in the mixture and draw snowball shapes on the construction paper with their fingers, creating a textured snow picture. Allow the pictures to dry completely before hanging up.

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