Some Facts About Womens Tank Tops And Their Styles

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What is tank top?

Tank top is a sort of sleeveless shirt and it is placed in the wardrobe of both the men as well as women. It is also a popular garment and has been equally used by the women and is included in the category of tunics for women, blouses and tops.

Before going into the detail discussion about womens tank tops we will first discuss the wardrobe of a woman. Contents of a typical wardrobe of a woman include tunics for women, womens tank tops, blouses and tops. Tunics are sort of jackets which cover the body from shoulders till the hips or thighs and may sometimes reach to the ankle. Blouses and tops are also a suitable option for women to wear these on certain occasions like parties and so on. Tunics for women are available in different styles as well as in different colors and are also a best choice for winter wardrobe. All the above mentioned type of dresses are commonly used by the female gender to enhance their beauty and certain enhancements in case of design as well as in shades of colors have been done and widens the area of choice for women. As every type has different styles so womens tank tops also have which are describes as follows :

One of the most popular styles available is Spaghetti Strap which is designed in such a way that two thin straps pass over each of the shoulders and they can also be adjusted according to the need. Another included in this list is Racer back Top, as the name indicates it is designed in sports features and it is suitable with almost all types of pants and skirts. Next one in this list is considered as Tube Top and it is true top and has no straps as it is designed in such a way that it fits under the arms. Another type is known to us by the name of Muscle Tee and it is designed just like a t-shirt but it is totally sleeveless and contains the thicker straps comparative to others. Next type is one-shoulder top as it name indicates that it has only one strap which makes it more glamorous as well as sexy as compared to its other types. Another style includes Halter Top which is designed in such a way that two straps originate from the top of the front then pass over the shoulder and then unite or tied together at their attachment behind.
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