Marketing On-site Car Wash Services to Business Customers

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If you own a mobile car washing or auto detailing company you know that some of your best clients will be corporate clients and you also know that when you are in the parking lot cleaning, washing or detailing cars that other employees will hire you.
In fact often you will literally stuck in the parking lot all day cleaning and detailing cars.
Obviously you could have worse problems.
Since the gasoline prices are so high it behooves you to stay in one place all day and make money rather than driving around burning up fuel and costs, which are unnecessary you see? But how do you get Corporate Clients like this? Well simple really schedule a meeting with the human resource director and tell them you will come one time per week to the corner of their parking lot to wash cars for interested employees.
They will see this as an incentive and value added service for their employees.
Tell the human resource director that you will block off the storm drains and not pollute run off wash water and explain how you do this.
Also tell them you will have a collection box upfront in the company where employees can put their money in pre-printed envelopes with their keys so you will not disturb the company's productivity.
As long as you always show up on time, do good work and are honest in your dealings you will have these accounts for years.
Consider this in 2006.
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