The Power of Gifting

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The holidays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and other special events are a time when many people give cash gifts to others.
There is something special and even powerful in giving cash as gifts.
The receivers of such gifts certainly appreciate them and aren't disappointed by a gift that as well-intentioned as it as was meant to be, they cannot use or just don't like.
Gifting others is powerful because you feel good in giving to others and bringing happiness to them.
In the same vein as gifting cash to family and friends, is another form of gifting with cash that is powerful in several ways.
You join a membership in which "free will" cash donations are made by members to other members.
The donors experience the same "good" feeling that we all do when we make gifts of cash without having expectations of anything from those we gift in return.
In this environment you will have cash gifts offered to you in goodwill and with no expectations from you in return.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a source for needed money in an emergency to go to without having to rely on family and friends who may not have the money to help you when you need it the most? It's nice also to receive cash gifts when you're not in dire need of money due to a crisis.
There is a lot of power in gifting, whether you are the giver this time and the receiver next time.
How do typical cash gifting programs work? In most of them membership is by invitation only, and is opened to a new member by a sponsor.
When you join the program you make a small donation to the person who opened the membership to you and also to another member.
The number of donations you are required to make for your initial membership varies in different cash gifting programs.
After you have made these initial donations, the full membership opens to you where other members choose to whom to make a cash gift to and in what amounts.
You can connect with other members who are able to make many cash gifts yearly, and are more than happy to do so without any expectations of something from you.
That is the power of gifting in such a program.
Everyone walks away feeling good and like a real difference has been made.
It is certainly not being suggested here that joining a cash gifting program is a method for becoming rich.
Although you can build up a nice sum of money through the cash gifts offered to you by other members, getting rich off the kindness of others isn't being suggested, and neither could we condone having such an attitude towards the truly generous people in these programs.
Respect the power of gifting and it will respect you.
Remember that what you put forth out into this universe will be returned to you ten-fold.
When you have wealth to share with others through freewill cash gifts, make them and feel good about doing it.
When you have a need for a freewill cash gift and it is offered to you, accept it without feeling guilty about it.
When things turn around for you and they will-you can repay the gift that helped you so much by making a freewill cash gift to someone else.
Cash gifting helps those that need it the most and also gives the giver something to feel good about.
I ask you, can the power of gifting get any better than that? I personally cannot imagine a better outcome for gifting with cash.
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