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Interactive Physics Volume 1-8 PROS: This book is primarily meant for students preparing for IIT-JEE, DCE, AIEEE, IIIT'S UPSEAT, AIIMS and CBSE-PMT Entrance examinations.
As Physics is a conceptual subject, the book teaches the concepts in physics and how to apply those concepts to various problems appearing in above exams.
This book will evaluate one's strengths and weaknesses.
A good book to go through to give the student an understanding of his/her level of preparation.
Author: "R.
Kamaraj,Prakash Vijayan".
Publisher:MTG Books.
TMH's Course in Physics for IIT JEE by MORRISON-BOYD.
PROS: A good book to brush up one's basics in physics.
It gives a basic understanding of the concepts.
Since the problems are easy, it is useful for beginning stage..
CONS:The level of problems is on the fundamental levels.
One must go beyond this book for IIT JEE.
Start your preparation with this book..
PROS: The concepts are presented with real life situations.
Pictorial representation of concepts makes it easier for understanding.
Every thought is illustrated with examples so it remains in memory for long time.
This is the broad form of concepts.
It is also supported by mathematical derivations of equation, description of laboratory experiments, historical backgrounds, etc followed by solved examples.
CONS:Some chapters contain extra elaboration of concepts which causes wastage of time.
Chapters of Electromagnetism, Rotation and Optics Theory have been covered very well in this book but some topics are not in syllabus of JEE.
So be careful and limit your studies to the syllabus only.
Theory part of Wave Motion on a string, Sound Waves, Circular Motion has not been covered very well..
This is one of the most conceptualized and interesting book for Physics and an ideal book for IIT JEE preparation provided you know what to study and what to omit.
There are certain topics like Electro magnetism, Rotation and Wave Optics that need to be done from this book if you really wish to get the feel.
Going through the solved examples at the end of the chapter is as good as revising the concerned chapters.
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