How to Change the Blank Ink Cartridge on a HP Officejet J4580

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    • 1). Turn on the printer by pressing the power button.

    • 2). Flip down the front access door by grasping it on the side and pulling it down and forward. Wait until the printer heads move into the center along the printer rods. Refrain from touching the heads until they completely stop moving.

    • 3). Press down on the black ink cartridge. The black ink cartridge is on the right. This will release the cartridge. Slide it forward and out of the machine.

    • 4). Open the new printer cartridge box and remove the replacement cartridge. Tear off the packaging materials and peel off the cover from the ink hole. This is attached to a pink tear-off tab. Lift it up and off the cartridge.

    • 5). Put the cartridge back inside of your HP Officejet J4580 by inserting it, label facing upward, into the open slot. Press it down lightly. You will hear it click into place.

    • 6). Close the access door. Wait for the alignment process to complete. Then print a test page to ensure the printer is operating correctly.

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