Peg Board Tips

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    • Pegboard is a common choice for organizing tools in the garage.Tools image by Scott Latham from

      When searching for an inexpensive way to get organized, don't overlook pegboard. Also referred to as perforated hardboard, pegboard is most commonly used to hang tools in the garage. It's also made its way into the kitchen to keep pots and pans close at hand---and there's no reason it can't be used in other areas of the house, as well. Pegboard is easy to install, can be spray-painted to blend with any decor, and is fully customizable. It can also be easily reconfigured by moving the hooks, and is available in a magnetic version to further expand its usefulness.


    • Pegboard can be installed on the inside of a closet door to create extra space for hanging accessories. Hook up belts, scarves and handbags from a lower section to avoid tangling, and use shorter hooks in a shallow closet to prevent them getting caught in clothing as the door is opened. Necklaces, earrings and a small mirror hung at eye level can provide a convenient place to finish getting dressed for the day. If your closet is large enough, consider installing pegboard on a section of wall inside the closet.

    Laundry Rooms

    • Pegboard suppliers often offer a wide variety of specialized hooks, brackets and compatible shelving to allow for a variety of arrangements to suit your needs. In the laundry room, shelves are a must for storing detergent, but you may also decide that mounting a pegboard-compatible paper towel holder comes in handy. You'll add to your floor space by hanging the ironing board when it isn't in use, and long hooks can provide a place to hang clothing you wish to air-dry.

    Office Areas

    • Install pegboard over a desk so everything you need to work or pay bills will be instantly visible and easily reached right from your chair. Hang the items you use most often lower on the board, and a clock or calendar higher up. Metal pegboard is a perfect choice for use in the home office---magnetic containers filled with paperclips and other small items can be put up and stored anywhere on the board.

    Kids Rooms

    • Make pegboard more interesting by pairing it with magnetic dry erase board and mounting the two boards in a checkerboard pattern. Magnetic pegboard will open up the possibilities for adding magnetic accessories made for use in school lockers. Kids will love having a fun place to keep organized and express themselves---and parents will love finding fewer items tossed on the floor.

    Creative Pegboard

    • In some areas of the home, pegboard alone may not be an attractive choice. Mounting smaller sections of pegboard inside a frame that fits the decor is a simple way to mesh style with function. If you're concerned that items will not be replaced in the proper spots on your pegboard hooks, consider tracing the outline of each item onto paper, then adhering the paper shapes to the pegboard with tape. After spray-painting the pegboard, remove the paper, and you'll have a stenciled outline of each item in its proper place.

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