How to Re-Use Used Motor Oil

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    • 1). Prepare your vehicle for draining the old motor oil. Park the vehicle on an even surface with a parking brake on, take the key out of the ignition and block the wheels.

    • 2). Locate the motor oil reservoir under your vehicle. Place a plastic or metal container under the oil tank. Locate the drain plug on the motor oil tank and remove it by turning it clockwise and setting it aside for later. Be careful not to spill any motor oil on yourself or the ground. Drain the old motor oil from your vehicle in the container. Wait until all the oil is drained from the reservoir.

    • 3). Check the oil filter inside the motor oil tank. If it is dirty or clogged, use a wrench tool to loosen it and then remove it completely. Clean the filter with warm water and a multipurpose liquid cleaner. Rinse the filter to remove any soap residue and then leave it to air-dry. The motor oil can’t be mixed with anything, so make sure to rinse the soap and dry out the water thoroughly. This will make your next oil change more environmentally friendly and prolong the usage of the motor oil.

    • 4). Pour new motor oil inside your oil tank and place the filter and the drain plug back on, tightening them firmly. It is also possible to reuse the oil you collected from your oil tank as new motor oil in your vehicle. In that case, filter the oil thoroughly through a filter mesh-screen or a similar fine filter before using it again. If you want to reuse your old motor oil in another way, continue to the next step.

    • 5). Take the container with the used motor oil to a local recycling center. In almost every region, there is an oil recycling program, so find one in your area to make sure your used motor oil doesn’t end up hurting the environment.

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