Make a Dog Kennel Out of Cheap Lumber

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You don't need much in order to make a dog kennel.
In fact, if you've got a bit of DIY passion, a spare Sunday, and a few bits of wood, well there isn't an easier project! Like all DIY projects, there are a few things you need to sort out before you begin, like finding schematics, buying wood, etc..
How To Find Quality Schematics There are a few ways in which to make a dog kennel.
If you've got some experience, you could try building from the top of your head.
You may end up with a less than sturdy, unattractive dog house, but at least it's something! If you're looking to take a more cautious approach, you should definitely obtain some simple dog house plans.
These can be found in most woodworking books in your local hardware store or library.
If you're willing to try something new, you could even download a high quality schematic package from the internet.
These digital products are instantly downloadable, and normally consist of multiple designs.
Some Dog House Style Ideas There are 2 main dog kennel styles: flat roofed and angular roofed.
It's up to you to decide which type is better for you.
Angular roofing is arguably more attractive, but flat roofing is probably more practical, and much easier to build.
Apart from the roofing option, there is also the question of size.
Before embarking on any DIY dog kennel, you should measure your dog/s standing, sitting, and laying down.
Also think about whether or not you want to build a single dog house or a duplex design.
The Duplex Dog Kennel This style of kennel is simply amazing if you've got more than 1 pet.
It gives your animals space to themselves, but also allows them to snuggle up together to keep warm in winter.
This is achieved by installing a separating panel between the "rooms".
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