Anxiety - Recognition and Treatment

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Anxiety manifests itself in a number of ways depending upon the severity of the disorder.
It can begin by worrying about something happening to us or something that we will expect to happen to ourselves but ultimately the cause of the worry either passes or we learn how to deal with it.
Unfortunately, not everyone has the capacity to cope well with what happens in their lives.
In fact, there are people who spend almost their entire lives worrying and their worries are part of anxiety symptoms in a never ending cycle that can produce an anxiety disorder.
Anxiety symptoms can manifest themselves both physically and psychologically.
Anxiety disorders happen when our brain warns us about a perceived danger that is about to occur.
In this situation your body will ready itself for a fight or flight reaction.
Your heart, lungs and other parts of your body will work faster and produce stress hormones and adrenaline to cope with that time period.
Depending on the perception of the danger, physical symptoms include abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, tightness and pain in the chest region, shortness of breath, dizziness, frequent urination and even difficulty swallowing.
Such physical affects that anxiety disorders produce can become frightening and enhance the symptoms.
The psychological anxiety symptoms on the other hand include insomnia, irritability, anger, the inability to concentrate on various day to day tasks, a fear of madness, a fear of losing your mind and mental faculties, as well as the sense of being detached from reality and not having the ability to control your actions.
Besides the anxiety symptoms, people may experience emotional symptoms too, such as a constant feeling of unease that has nothing to do with your present situation.
Others might experience anxiety due to being involved in a stressful situation like pressure at work or a relationship.
Then anxiety symptoms may rear their heads due to being anxious about an illness, real or imagined.
Then there is always your body's reaction to perceived dangerous threats.
All of these emotional stresses can and will increase the intensity of your anxiety symptoms dramatically.
These symptoms may be considered as anxiety symptoms if they are of a prolonged or severe state, or if the feelings of anxiety come into existence when there is nothing dangerous or stressful to bring them about.
Then, if these anxiety symptoms start to interfere with your everyday life and activities like work or social events, you know for certain that you are suffering from anxiety disorder.
As the world knows anxiety is a normal response to danger.
Everyone has felt anxious for something at some point in their lives.
There is however times when anxiety turns into something else, this being a mental condition known as anxiety disorders.
People who have anxiety disorders are sometimes afraid to get treatment for their anxiety as they seem to feel ashamed of having a mental condition.
However anxiety treatments are valid medical remedies for a complaint that can affect your life.
There is therefore nothing to be ashamed of having anxiety disorders or being treated for them.
Although you might suspect yourself to be suffering from anxiety symptoms it's always a good idea to get your self-diagnosis confirmed by a qualified medical practitioner who can then start you on the proper course to cure you.
When you first experience anxiety your doctor must be able to diagnose your complaint.
There are many types of anxiety treatments that you can try.
Before you embark on such a step it's a good idea to talk with a doctor or a psychiatrist who specializes in anxiety and panic disorders.
As the treatments can be varied you will need to let your doctor know that you suspect that you are suffering from anxiety disorders so that your specific complaint can be identified.
Once your anxiety is diagnosed then treatment may begin.
You might want to ask your doctor what the normal anxiety treatments are and their side effects and you should also find out what their effect will be on your lifestyle as well.
Don't rule out alternative remedies - they may not be completely proven by medical science as anxiety treatments, but a number of people state that these alternative treatments can work at providing relief from anxiety symptoms.
The traditional anxiety treatments are prescription drugs like Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, Buspirones, antidepressant medications and others.
These drugs work to lower the chemicals that cause anxiety to surface.
While many people have found relief from their anxiety symptoms, these tablets alone may not completely cure your anxiety disorders.
It is like taking an aspirin to relieve a headache, that's all the aspirin does, it does not cure the headache but just reduces the symptoms so that they are bearable.
Alternate anxiety treatments include the age old methods of Acupuncture and Ayurveda.
Both of these eastern anxiety treatments bring the symptoms of anxiety back into control by rebalancing your body's internal energies.
These treatments use a number of essential oils, poultices, herbal remedies and sterilized acupuncture needles to achieve that effect.
These alternative anxiety treatments not only control the effects of anxiety in your body they also have the ability to completely cure your anxiety disorder symptoms.
Another alternative anxiety treatment is Gemstone therapy.
Here it's believed that gemstones have properties that can correct imbalances within your body.
Each gemstone that is used in this treatment has healing properties and colors.
The right balance can be achieved by placing a gemstone at a specific point on your body.
Other anxiety treatments include Tai Chi, yoga, dance therapy, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy and many others.
Whatever treatment is decided upon based on advice from your medical practitioner and adviser, by following a course of treatment that works best on your anxiety you stand a good chance of being in control of your life once more and truly in the end that's all that matters.
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