My Top 3 Tips to Kick Start Your Intuition

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It's all very well being tuned in and peaceful when you are having a quiet weekend or taking a walk on the beach.
What about when you have to make a decision now? Not tomorrow, not next week, NOW.
It's easy to make excuses.
You can go into denial.
You know who suffers? You.
Yes you.
I know, I've been there.
I put myself through excruciating low self-esteem because I allowed my senses to get lazy and I rolled along in life, all the while fear and worry were building beneath the surface of my seemingly good life.
Stop letting life happen to you and create the life you want.
I see so many people think they don't have control over their circumstances whether it's in a relationship, business partnership or finances.
"You aren't powerless.
It's just not true".
Here are my Top 3 Tips to kick start your Intuition that I recommend.
If you choose to practice just one of these tips, you will experience positive transformation in your life.
Get Centered
I know, it sounds so simple, "Get centered".
It is when you allow yourself.
Still stuck with this concept? Ok, think about what happens when you are energetically out of alignment.
You may feel distracted, overwhelmed, exhausted, scattered, unfocused.
Why? When your aura opens too wide, it is susceptible to outside energies that you do not have conscious awareness of.
People and situations begin to enter your space that you may not want into your space.
How do you get centered? I draw my awareness inwards.
I visualize it moving inside my body.
This helps me to sense how far open my aura is.
Then I focus on its most extended point and I intention it inwards.
Dear folks, this takes a lot of practice however, once you've mastered it, you will have more energy, clarity, serenity and happiness.
Active Listening
There's listening and there's LISTENING.
Trust me, you're not really listening 90% of the time.
I constantly catch myself when I loose focus.
The difference is because I use my intuition and I have a deeper sense of awareness, I'm able to quickly course correct when I'm zoning out and missing the truth of what someone is sharing and to hear the wisdom of my spirit guides.
Feel with Your Gut
I wonder why clairsentience is referred to as "Gut Instinct"? I want you to move out of your head now.
You think you know what gut instinct is however there are a multitude of feelings that have different meanings to help you determine the outcome of a future situation when you are truly attuned to your core awareness.
It takes commitment and courage to feel what's really going on, especially when it's something unpleasant.
Look at it this way, if you don't address the truth of your situation now, it's not going to go away and it'll likely turn out worse than if you'd allowed yourself to feel the energy.
You'd be prepared and be able to create a better outcome.
Try practicing one of the intuition techniques today every day for seven days and see what happens.
It's a good idea to journal your insights, they can be very insightful.
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