Why Being Romantic Will Never Attract Women

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Did you ever watch Pepe' Le Pew cartoons when you were a kid? The poor female cat with the fake stripe down her back would back away from Pepe's romantic advances in any way she could.
Now this was mainly because of Pepe's odor, but the whole schtick that Pepe' had was equally as obnoxious as his smell.
Romance too soon in a relationship has the same affect as a rose perfume that's been poured on - you can't enjoy the delicacy of the scent because it's too much.
Instead of enjoying the scent, it gags you.
Now, don't misunderstand me here.
Women love a romantic evening.
But not when she's just getting to know you.
She wants to see who she's with and learn the things about you that are important.
Romance right up front sets off red lights that you're only wanting to get in her pants.
Or that you aren't able to have a day-to-day normal relationship.
Basically, it creeps her out.
Put your focus on getting to know her, and letting her get to know you.
This will build attraction with the things that you have in common.
This will also open up a way for the two of you to learn about your differences.
This is just as important a part of the relationship as being romantic.
This is where you both decide if you like each other enough to want to be romantic with each other.
Learn to like each other as people first.
Continue to build attraction through building a rapport with her.
When it's time for romance to occur, it will become very evident to both of you.
No doubt, this is an area where you can really impress her.
That's great! Great romance will take her breath away.
Then, in turn, she'll take your breath away.
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