5 Ways To Make Passive Income In Blogging - Some Killer Money Making Ideas

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Blogging has become a very popular method of making money online.
Literally millions of bloggers are trying to make money from their blogs, writing on their favorite topics.
The successful bloggers around the world also inspire the newbies and encourage them to write online and get royalties in a unique, modern way.
If you enjoy writing and take interest in a specific topic, you can launch a blog online and start publishing the content right away.
There are several methods you can adopt to monetize your blog and the contents published on it.
Here, you will explore 5 monetization techniques to make your blog earn passive income for you.
5 ways to make passive income in blogging: turn your blog into a passive income generator If you have developed a blog already, you can easily monetize the content and start making money almost instantly.
But in case, you haven't prepared a blog or it doesn't have sufficient content, you have to concentrate on preparing the website and generate traffic to the blog to make money.
Once you have completed the homework that is built a blog and generated some traffic, you can follow any of these techniques or combine them suitably to earn money for the contents you have already published online.
#1 Advertising revenue You can earn a lot of money from the paid ads.
You can sign up with the leading ad-revenue sharing websites and make money as a published for the content.
Google AdSense, Chitika, Kontera etc.
are the leading advertising sites that review the content and show relevant ads on the blog.
You can also rent advertising spaces on the blog manually and generate handsome amount of money.
#2 Affiliate marketing If you know how to sell a product or a service, you can easily start reviewing others product and help the vendors sell their products/services.
The concept is termed as affiliate marketing and it can make you a lot of money as commissions.
#3 Pay per post Several blogging networks allow the bloggers to register and make money for each post they publish on their blogs.
The topics are defined by the networks and you'll get paid whenever you write on something they're looking for.
The concept is termed pay per post.
#4 Flip your blog If you're already making some money from your blog, you can flip the website for a handsome one-time amount.
This isn't a true passive income source, but a blogger who's eager to write on different topics can follow the method and make his living just by flipping the blogs.
The concept is almost same like generating money from ad revenues; but in this method, you will earn a good one-time cash to invest in some other business.
#5 Premium subscription offers If you're sharing something valuable or highly technical things for the readers, you can offer premium subscriptions to your readers.
This will also help you make a good sum of money each month.
But in this case, you have to be an acclaimed expert in a particular niche that people are interested in.
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