How to Preserve Your Used Wine

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While preservation of an opened and unsealed bottle of wine is a common practice of the people, a suitable preservation method is a vital issue for that used bottle. Simply because, without an ideal preserving technique there is a fair possibility of its contact to oxygen, resulting oxidation of wine and makes it flavorless. Stopping of oxidation for an unsealed bottle is quite a difficult task. Nonetheless, few good techniques can definitely lessen the volume of oxidation and keep the wine in its standard state.

Unique methods of wine preservation
Vacuum Pump is a cost effective and one of the best steps to prevent air to come out of the bottle of wine. You are supposed to use a rubber stopper or wine stopper which is to be capped over the wine bottle. Vacuum Pump is a well recognized concept across the world because of its fair capability in smell conservation. The advantage of Vacuum pump can be shared along with many other preserving procedures, techniques and tools. Wine can be kept in its fresh condition for 3 to 5 days in this system. The process is truly helping in order to discontinue or minimize the rate of oxidation.

With the help of Gas Spray system you can pump in the inert gas inside wine bottle and drive out existing air. After completion of such pumping process you need to put a stopper cap on the bottle. However, there is every possibility for entrance of air which can be avoided only by careful handling. Gas spray system can assist you to keep the wine in a fresh condition for a week's time.

Air tight system introduces inert gas inside the wine bottle and supports it to remain airtight. It is an extremely helpful method and relieves you from recapping the bottle of wine every time. An important factor to keep in mind that in this specific system, refilling of the gas cartridges is essential which makes the entire system a costly issue. By following this technique it is possible for you in keeping your wine in a brand new condition for much longer time. In fact, if the system is followed in the correct manner it can keep the bottle of wine intact and absolutely fresh for more than a week.

Airtight technique along with a temperature control method is obviously a great choice which has a tremendous capacity to maintain any of your wine in totally unharmed and refreshed form for over a fortnight. Here, you need not to be worried about replacement of gas cartridges since inert gas is being used in this method.

There are few more options like using of marbles in the partially used bottle in order to fill up the vacant space or using smaller bottles which can be arranged domestically and make your entire preservation process absolutely free of cost. However, both of the systems are rather time taking as well as cumbersome whereas you can have merely a temporary advantage to enjoyment the freshness of wine for a maximum of two days out of these techniques.
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