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Although you have to have an email list to start emailing to, there are email autoresponder programs that offer you tools to rapidly and effectively build a targeted email list.
 Here are three things to look for when choosing an email autoresponder program: Multiple Lists Even if you are only selling one product it's important to have access to different lists.
 One list may be targeted to prospective customers.
Another list may be specifically for customers who have purchased from you.
You may have a list for current customers that allows them to provide feedback on your products or salespeople.
You may decide that customers who purchased a specific product should know about a certain line of products.
All of these situations require their own list and campaign.
Opt-in Boxes Be sure that the service you choose allows you to easily create opt-in boxes and integrate them into your website.
It's important to be able to change the colors of your opt-in box to match your websites theme.
Adding pictures and different fonts to your opt-in boxes is also an important feature to look for.
One of the most important features that is a must have, in my opinion, is the ability to create DHTML pop-up opt-in boxes.
Some programs allow you to do this and some don't.
 DHTML pop-up windows are annoying to some people, but are one of the most effective ways to get people to sign up for your list.
Statistics Make sure you use an email autoresponder program that allows you to view detailed statistics.
You need to know if your customers are clicking on text links or pictures, or if they are clicking on products links or URL's.
Many programs have statistic reporting systems that will help you fine tune your email marketing campaigns.
When searching for an email autoresponder program make sure it allows you to setup and manage multiple email lists, create opt-in boxes, and view detailed statistics about where your subscribers are clicking.
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