How to Remove Rust From Guns

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    • 1). Before any firearm is handled, check and double-check that the firearm is unloaded. If possible, remove or lock the bolt open. In any case, never point a firearm at anything that you do not wish to destroy. Once the firearm is unloaded, you can begin the rust removal.

    • 2). Remove the rust with extra fine steel wool and gun oil. Apply a coat of gun oil to the rust affected area. Lightly scrub the rust with the steel wool. Do not apply much pressure while you scrub or the steel wool may remove the blued finish. When you are satisfied with the results, wipe down the area and reapply a fine coat of oil to the entire metal surface of the firearm.

    • 3). Remove rust with Evapo Rust chemical solution. Clean the rusted area with gun scrubber or similar cleaning solvent. Evapo Rust works best if the rust area can be submerged in the solvent. If this is not possible, dampen a section of the sponge and place over the rust. The sponge must be keep wet the entire time. Rust removal can take from 30 minutes to eight hours. Monitor the area until satisfied with the removal, then clean the area and apply oil to the entire metal surface of the firearm.

    • 4). Remove rust with Pre-Lim Surface Cleaner. Clean the rusted area area with gun scrubber. Cut a small square from the T-shirt, and apply some of the Pre-Lim to the square. Lightly polish the area and observe if the rust is being removed. Adjust the polishing pressure until you have removed the rust. When satisfied that the rust is gone, clean the area and apply oil to the metal surface of the entire firearm.

    • 5). Prevent having to remove rust in the first place by always protecting your firearms. Store firearms in a dry environment. Clean and lubricate firearms after use. Periodically check the firearms for any signs of rust.

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