How to Breed Rough Collies

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    • 1). Be a responsible breeder. Only breed a male and female that meet the requirements of the Rough Collie breed standard. A copy of the Rough Collie breed standard is available at the American Kennel Club website.

    • 2). Test your breeding stock for common genetic diseases that affect the Rough Collie. Have your collies tested by a veterinary ophthalmologist for collie eye anomaly and progressive retinal atrophy before breeding.

    • 3). Do the necessary checks for breeding stock for large breed dogs. The Rough Collie, being a large breed, is susceptible to hip dysplasia. Have your breeding stock x-rayed and certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

    • 4). Make sure to find very good homes for any puppies you breed. It is your responsibility to diligently screen potential buyers to find the best match possible.

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