How To Crate Train Your Dog Fast

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Dogs are very popular pets but they are not born knowing how to use the bathroom.
Just like kids, they have to be taught where to go to respond to nature's call.
House training dogs is not an easy task but still can be done.
Patience and discipline are two important things to have when embarking on this task.
It is also proper to consider that house training is not punishing the dogs rather, it is a positive reinforcement.
Vital to the master-pet relationship is a close and positive alliance between them.
The dog has to be praised for the good things he shows and not yelled at every time he commits mistakes.
With this, the dog will recognize his master to be the superior one and thus will gladly obey him.
This will make house training less difficult for both parties.
Crate Training is one means to toilet train dogs.
How to crate train your dog fast will depend on your determination to work on this.
The more focused and intent you are, the sooner your dog will be trained.
It should be noted that keeping the dog locked up in the basement is not crate training at all.
The following are some tips on how crate training is done.
It has to be clear that crate training means deliberate confinement of the dog in his cage for a certain period.
The master or whoever is training him should always be around to release him after a definite time to urinate outside the home.
Supervision must be done to monitor if the dog pees after being released.
If he does so, a reward must be given to emphasize your approval.
A short walk after he pees outside is also a form of reward.
In fact, it is a welcome reward especially if the weather is perfect.
Conversely, if the dog just runs around and does not pee, he must be taken back to his cage until after a short period when he is ready to empty his bladder.
Repetitions of these actions will tell him that once he is out, he needs to do his thing.
And more importantly, he has to do it at a designated area.
Eventually, the dog will learn how to control his bladder and his bowel thus avoiding "accidents" inside your home.
However, crate training is done only when you are home.
Otherwise, the dog has to be allowed to use the bathroom.
That is why, you have to dedicate time to house train your dog.
The more time you give to this task, the faster it will be for the dog to learn the habit.
The key on how to crate train your dog fast is consistency.
You have to monitor his feeding schedule and the timing whenever he pees or poops.
In this case, it is easier to know when the dog should be out from his cage.
Once this routine is established, he will do his thing immediately after his release.
Soon, you will have happy house trained dog.
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