How Does an Online Survey Work?

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    Why Participate In Online Surveys?

    • Online surveys are generally designed to find out about the habits, needs or desires of individuals, who are used to represent a larger population of people. This may include shopping or spending habits, information about the products they use or the television shows they watch. In offering surveys that can be completed online, a wider range of people can be accessed in a shorter amount of time. Sometimes, there will be screening questions for a potential respondent to answer, which will allow whomever has designed the survey to ensure that they are getting an accurate representation of the groups of people they are seeking information about. Demographics are often important, so some surveys may be targeted to people based upon age, race, location or sex. In addition, some may target parents, individuals who perform activities such as grocery shopping or perhaps those who like to play video games; some may be constructed to evaluate service or business for a particular institution.

    How Do I Participate?

    • The number of respondents needed will be determined, and the survey will be advertised in an effort to screen people in or out. Some may be advertised via banner ads. There are also websites on which people sign up to complete surveys, often in exchange for some type of reward. Once a person has been qualified to complete a survey, he is asked a series of questions varying in length. A computer program generates the questions, which sometimes are based upon the answers that are given. The program is often able to determine if an individual can provide further information based upon certain screening questions. Many of the questions will allow the respondent reply "yes" or "no" or give multiple choices for a person to choose from. Some will require you to rate items on a given scale.


    • Once the specified number of a particular survey has been completed, the creators or the business are then able to analyze the data. Most survey software does this automatically and provides the creator of the survey with charts, graphs, spreadsheet or database information that concisely analyzes survey results. This information may help a company come up with different ways of offering a service or may help them in marketing their products. It may help to determine what people do and don't like about certain products. It may give a representation of how people feel about certain services or may provide enough information about a group of people so that businesses know whether or not certain new products or services might appeal to them. Online surveys are an effective and convenient way of reaching a large amount of individuals in order to obtain important information. In addition, it gives consumers a voice in the products and services that are offered to them.

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