Custom Ladies Shirts for Less

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Small business is the engine that drives the American economy.
About half of the workers who are employed in the private sector work for a small business.
Though the economy has been sputtering of late, people are still investing in smaller firms.
In this article we will discuss custom ladies shirts.
Custom T-shirt printing has been a favorite of ambitious young go-getters for many years.
There are many reasons for this.
First and most obviously, it does not require a set of specialized skills.
Printing custom ladies shirts does not require a degree or an apprenticeship.
It's really quite easy and the barriers to entry are low.
Large printing firms might reign supreme in the cities, but in the tens of thousands of small suburban and rural towns across the US, small printing firms predominate.
Think about it for a second.
Every high school needs someone to print custom ladies shirts and garments with their logo on it.
Not to mention the fact that small businesses will always need someone to print hats, mugs, shirts, etc, with their company name on it.
As a result, a small company that specializes in custom jobs will always have customers.
The only thing they really need to do is figure out a way to save money on printing.
This means choosing the right custom printing method for their needs.
There are more than a half a dozen printing methods, but there are really only two that matter for small businesses.
Screen printing and heat transfer are the most popular printing methods.
One has been used for thousands of years, the other for only a few decades.
Screen printing has been around for at least two thousand years.
The process is fast, simple, and effective.
A screen with a stenciled design is daubed with paint and pressed onto a garment.
The print process is most effect and inexpensive when it is monochromatic, i.
, when only one color is used.
It is also important to note that it is less expensive the more prints that are made, which is why screen printing is the method of choice for printers who have to make thousands of custom ladies shirts.
Heat transfer is the other popular printing method.
It works just like a stick-on tattoo, but instead of water it uses heat to adhere to the garment.
The main advantage of heat transfer is that it works with multi-color designs.
Unfortunately, it is not nearly as fast or as efficient as screen printing.
In short, it is best for printers who have a lot of custom jobs and smaller orders.
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