Paid Surveys Outrageous Claims

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Time and time again you've seen the claims made by online survey sites.
Not only on the survey company's website, but company's advertising Income at home on TV or radio are also making outrageous claims.
Where do they get these figures? There is no one checking up on online survey sites.
If you look up an online survey company on the Better Business Bureau's website, you will find that 9 times out of 10, there is no record of the company.
Or, if there is, it will say "NR" for "Not Rated" or "C", which really isn't a "C" grade like we'd think of it.
What a "C" to the BBB means is that they don't have enough information about the company.
This doesn't mean that no one has filed a complaint.
It just means that the online sites aren't regulated like brick and mortar locations are.
Because of this, survey websites can make any claim they want.
Especially when it comes to how much money they pay out to their survey takers.
If 99% of their survey takers make $300/week, but one survey taker earned $1000 in one day, ONE TIME, they will use that to their advantage.
Well, we all know that making $1000/Day is probably not happening on a daily basis.
Don't fall for the outrageous claims.
Look for a survey site that is giving you real numbers.
You want them to tell you exactly how much they pay for a survey, focus group, mystery shopping, website testing, TV/movie trailer review, or TV/movie premier review.
Once you have gathered this information, you'll want to determine how many surveys the site sends out daily.
If they have 500 survey in their database, that doesn't mean that you will be offered all of them.
You are offered surveys depending on your age, race, income, education, sex, and more.
You can estimate that you will be offered 10% of the survey database.
They may not be clear about how many surveys, focus groups, etc.
, they have in their database, but many times they will have a chart showing you what you will earn if you complete a certain number of surveys, focus groups, etc.
This will give you an indication of how many they have to offer.
Survey companies have a lot of tricks up their sleeves.
Be comfortable with the one you choose.
And completely forget about the free survey sites and their gimmicks.
Their games are not worth your time.
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