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Chapter Ten: King Htok "I warn you," he said, "if you try to scratch or bite my men I will kill you!" Said King Htok, sitting on his stone throne, instructing Siren in the niceties of war, and fair play: she merely snarled at him, and them, them being the soldiers that subdued her, the two.
"My name is King Htok," he said to Siren.
She answered, "And I'm Queen Siren," a pause, and silence filled the chamber walls, stone on stone bouncing the rippled echo back to the king, like a boomerang.
"Your who, from where?" said the King.
"I'm Queen Siren from Moiromma, Mercury, Earth, and now here, SSARG.
And my army will swallow you up, should you not release me, and should you kill me, you kill your whole civilization, if you have one.
" The words of Siren's were tricky for the king to understand, and he had three translators by his side, but they were translated properly.
"So you are from way out in the dark overhead (space)," said the King with a ting of mystery and wonderment in his gaze.
She showed no fear, a voice from her mother inside of her head, told her to remain calm, things would pass, but also to remain respectful to a king, for should you push him in a corner, he would have to choice but to sacrifice his whole kingdom for the honor of it.
And so Siren played the game, and plowed her head, slightly.
All saw that she, the Queen of her beastly following was honoring their king, and gazed upon her as a worthy captive.
The General said, sarcastically, but willingly, "Should we hand her, stab her, or eat her live?" These were the normal practices of captives in war.
"No," said the king, "She'll be my love mate.
"She looked at him, and said not a word.
"Do you agree?" the king asked.
It was funny she thought: why was he asking, he didn't have to, perhaps because she was a queen, and a captive love mate: queen, would ward off an all out war, if she agreed.
She did agree, it was a matter of dying and going to another location in space for her, for her kind it was simple, but many would die should she do that, perhaps she could prevent this in time, and it would have to be soon, they had no idea of the war that was about to take place.
Ahtla At that moment a girl took her to another chambers within the hidden walls of the strange mountain kingdom, deep within the under bellow of the mesa above them.
Her name was Ahtla.
She said in a soft voice, "I've never seen a strong looking female like you? Wild beasts, that's all there is on this level surface, around us.
Are you somewhat sort of an animal? You know, half beast, half being?" said Ahtla.
Siren's eyes widened.
"Why?" [a pause took place between the two women] Siren was naked, and Ahtla was with a skimpy tunic on, and she watched Siren clean up, taking all the dirt and dust off her skin, course skin for the most part.
"He's a devil," said Ahtla, meaning the king, "so be careful of him," then she looked at Siren, and her shapely body, "the king will be pleased with you," she murmured softly.
"Don't tell him I said that though.
Night In the middle of the night, the king came for his pleasures and Siren was not resistant, allowing him his full character, feeling otherwise, it would not give her time to think of a way out.
And to be quite honest, she was feeling the need for the same pleasures, and so perhaps she could get what she wanted, letting him think he was the power, and had it over her.
In essence, she really felt, he was just a semi fat old king, with a ding-dong.
"Well I'll be," the king said, looking at Siren sleeping on a stone bed with some light covers over her, no pillow, her forearm for a head rest.
And he made love to her.
Afterwards he said, "You are a great lover, I shall keep you around a while.
" She smiled at him, and made no attempt to bust his bubble.
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