All About The Recumbent Stationary Bike And Why You Should Consider Getting It

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You may be thinking about working out more regularly or improving your fitness for better health or to simply look and feel good.
This is where a stationary bike can do wonders for your workout and the best thing about these bikes is that you can simply store it in your home gym or any room in your house.
There are two types of stationary bikes - the recumbent bike and the upright version.
The major feature about the recumbent stationary bike is that the user works out in a reclined position thus the origin of the name "recumbent".
Some say that this improves the posture of the body and provides additional comfort and respite.
On the other hand, upright bikes resemble the contemporary regular bicycle, just without the wheels.
It is in the context of this article to explore the uses and benefits of recumbent stationary bikes, hence we will be covering the upright stationary bike in another article.
As mentioned, the distinctive feature about the recumbent stationary bike is that the user works out in a reclined position.
He or she is thus at a lower position than that on a regular bicycle, and will also have the pedals right in front of his or her legs.
Moreover, the handlebars are generally located on either side of the seats but of course, this depends on the model that you are looking at.
While both the recumbent stationary bike and the upright stationary bike works well for different people, there are definitely some who prefer the former over the latter.
One reason is related to the design; the body angles are constantly being adjusted as the user works out.
There are also some who say that due to the reclined position, they are able to work out in a more comfortable and relaxed posture thus there is less fatigue and stress on the body while achieving the same workout intensity as on an upright bike.
The recumbent bike is also recommended for people with back issues and for the amateur user, and has become very popular for home use due to the large number of testimonies that they provide more comfort and relaxation to the body as compared to the upright bike.
If you have made up your mind to get a recumbent stationary bike, you may be looking at different models in the market but are unsure as to which one suits you best.
There are different features for different bikes.
Do take note that the recumbent bike takes up more physical space as compared to its upright contemporary due to the design and seat position.
You should look out for modern features such as digital displays and programmable resistance settings in your bike.
Some even come with heart rate monitors and pre-programmed fitness programs! Most bikes are very simply designed with just the pedals and seat in a reclined position but some come with more bells and whistles.
Whether these extra features are necessary or not depends on your needs and preferences.
You may be thinking, since all of the above makes the recumbent bike such a seemingly all-conquering exercising equipment, are there any negative aspects related to it? Well, for one, the recumbent bike is unable to simulate climbing on a slope or racing on a bike.
If you are interested to pursue those aspects, the upright bike may work better for you.
However, if you are just a beginner starting out or if you have back problems, the recumbent stationary bike is the ideal companion for your workout.
In a nutshell, the recumbent stationary bike has much to offer.
It is able to provide an intensity to match that of upright bikes and yet also caters for a relaxing workout in the comfort of your own home.
Before you work out on your bike, be sure to adjust the handlebar distance, seat height and distance to the pedals so that you are comfortable and are sitting in the correct posture.
The consequence of not paying attention to that is injury or strain so we definitely want to avoid that.
Whether you choose to get the recumbent or upright version, be sure to warm up and stretch before you work out and stay hydrated at all times.
This should not be too difficult to achieve in the comfort of your own home!
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