The Audi S5 With 3 Piece Wheels and OSS Designs Body Kit

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The facelifted Audi S5 has undergone a nip and a tuck of its sheet metal from the Audi design team.
It's sleeker, more refined, and modern with a few technological highlights that set it apart from everything else on the road.
The performance of the sports coupe is equally as impressive as its looks thanks to forced induction and the advanced Quattro all-wheel drive system.
The team at OSS Designs wanted to improve upon both of these aspects and created a new Audi S5 upgrade program that gives the coupe better performance and stunning looks that are hard to match.
The new upgrade program includes new 3 piece wheels, performance engine upgrades, and a new custom-designed body kit that give it an incredible presence on the road.
Part of what makes the Audi S5 special right from the factory is its 3.
0-liter V-6 engine fed by a supercharger to give it impressive performance figures.
Due to the forced induction, the car has quite a bit of potential that is untapped.
The team at OSS Designs tapped into that potential with a few engine upgrades, starting with a Borla stainless steel exhaust.
The exhaust includes a new downpipe, stainless steel 100-cell catalytic converters, new mufflers, and polished end tips to reduce backpressure for better boost.
A new air intake system helps the supercharger suck in more air to the engine, while a larger intercooler keeps temperatures regulated.
All of the modifications are tied together thanks to a new ECU software tune that helps create more boost and alter the fuel delivery to send a total of 415 horsepower and 395 lb-ft.
of torque to all four of the 3 piece wheels.
Due to the increased power, the OSS Designs team had to upgrade the chassis.
The suspension was outfitted with a new KW Variant 3 coilover setup with adjustable dampers and spring rates.
A new set of Brembo brakes at the front and rear with four-piston calipers were installed with 380 mm ventilated discs for better stopping power.
To add a bit of style to the car and improve performance, the team installed a new set of forged aluminum alloy 3 piece wheels in a 9.
0 x 20 front and rear setup with Continental performance tires.
From the outside the OSS Designs Audi S5 is drastically different from its stock counterparts thanks to a new custom-designed body kit.
The kit starts out with a new front fascia that includes larger air intakes, an extended spoiler lip, and LED daytime running lights that change colors at the push of a button.
Each of the fenders was extended to accommodate the wider 3 piece wheels and feature air outlets to cool the braking system.
At the rear is an integrated trunk spoiler and diffuser insert that integrates the new exhaust system.
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