Tips to Display Wall Art in Decorative Picture Frames

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Artwork adds personality, style and substance to a living space. Simple choices such as an abstract painting or a black and white photo in decorative picture frames can add visual interest to a space while reflecting your personality. Here are some creative ways to display wall art in your home.

Wall Gallery
One of the greatest ways of displaying photos and creating a decorative focus in a room is creating a wall gallery. Instead of leaving space between frames, try grouping them right next to each other. This creates an interesting layered look and the gallery seems like one cohesive piece rather than made up of different parts. Use simple picture frames in white, grey or other light colors for this arrangement. These versatile room accessories are available in sets with frames in different sizes.

Another interesting way to display wall art is to use decorative picture frames over patterned wallpaper. It creates a visually-appealing 'art on art' look that is stylish and simple to achieve. Create an accent wall by using wallpaper with a bold pattern like a diamond pattern or distinct stripes. Transform this wall into a chic wall gallery by hanging photos and paintings in decorative picture frames. Choose these room accessories with textured paper mats to add an extra element of pattern.

These displays are perfect for the living room. They can be installed on the wall next to the dining table or behind the sofa.

Ledges and Shelves
Picture ledges and narrow shelves are also great room accessories for displaying photos, pictures and prints of your favorite artists. These ledges are also perfect for displaying objects d'art, travel mementos and other display-worthy odds and ends along with the wall art. The picture ledges and shelves give the wall display a three-dimensional effect.

Ledges and picture shelves with easy-to-mount hardware are a good option. Choose two to three ledges of different lengths and stagger them for an interesting look. Wall art displayed on ledges is an ideal choice for the bedroom. Install ledges over the bed as an interesting headboard. Besides being decorative room accessories, ledges are also practical as secure frames and to keep other objects in place. Solid wood ledges or metal ledges are smart choices.
Display artwork in new ways in your home using these creative ideas.

Martin Pitt is a certified interior designer and runs his own interior decoration consultancy. Martin especially loves decorating a home in wooden furniture and believes that nothing gives a home as warm and cozy a touch as all-wood furniture and decor.
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