Revenue Generating Internet Marketing Strategy 1 - Top Content Means Top Results

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For those of us who are entrepreneurs, small business owners or who run huge corporations, the ability to adapt to the social and economic landscape is more important than ever before.
We exist in what is known as a consumer-driven marketplace and we must create or adapt marketing strategies to take advantage of an ever more volatile world.
In the old days, a business that wanted to thrive would get into the phonebook, produce printed ads, radio or TV spots and billboards in order to attract new customers.
Things have changed dramatically due in no small part to the internet.
Now, the end user has far more control over what we business people do.
With their computers, phones and tablets, the customer now dictates to a large degree how we present our information and where we present it.
This is why developing an internet marketing strategy is so very necessary to the success of any business.
This is obvious for web-based companies and even those who do the majority of their business in the "real world" but also have web presences.
However, even a company that focuses little attention on the internet must now alter this thought process in order to succeed.
We have to go where the eyeballs are focused, and in this day and age, their almost entirely focused on the internet.
Content Creation is the Internet Marketing Strategy That Gets Results An internet marketing strategy can cover many topics including your website, social media, blogging, article writing, press releases, link building and more.
At the core of all of this and literally everything that is done online is your content.
The quality of your content will directly effect the results of any internet marketing strategy.
If there is anything that can be imparted to you the reader from this article it is that you should never cut corners when it comes to the content you publish on the web.
Remember, this content is what draws the attention of the search engine, interests and influences the human reader and represents both you and what you stand for.
If it's poorly-written, or copied it will have a strong negative effect.
In fact, bad content will probably hurt you more than good content will help you.
When you create website pages, blogs, articles, social media posts, discussion forum posts, write a press release or publish a newsletter, remember that the content you write will last virtually forever and will determine how the world sees you.
This is why if you are not a top-notch writer, it's a good idea to invest in one.
The return on your investment in a quality copywriter will definitely bear fruit in your internet marketing strategy.
There are three main aspects to internet content that must be considered when creating it.
If written well, your content will generate positive returns from all three.
These three components are:
  1. Search engine traffic: Well-written content that is optimized for specific and relevant key phrases will perform well in organic searches.
    As time goes by, this will improve as once published, most internet content is eternal.
  2. The human reader: Well-crafted text, audio, video and graphical content will have an influential impact on the viewer.
    Write any content for the human first and the search engines second.
    Good sales and marketing copy is as important online as it ever was before.
  3. Sharing factor: one of the great benefits of the internet is that content is easily shared.
    On social media, content can be spread through a network in seconds.
    Videos can be embedded on many sites and blogs.
    Textual content can be syndicated along with relevant links thereby spreading your influence, creating vital SEO back links and vastly improving the effect of any internet marketing strategy.
Content that is well-written and created to entertain, inform and capture the interest of the reader, listener or viewer will have the strongest and most beneficial effect on any internet marketing strategy or strategies you create.
There is a cliché that says that content is king.
A little over-used perhaps, but true.
Keep the quality of your content high and the quality of your results will be equally high, perhaps even higher.
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