Simple Tips on Choosing Range Hoods

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Over the years, people have come to value the essential function of range hoods in their kitchens. The smoke, grease, oils, and odor can fill up a kitchen during cooking, and this is definitely an inconvenience for people, as well as an unhealthy and unsafe method of food preparation. Investing in a vent hood is part of building a home and adding the essential pieces for functionality and design. Whether you are building a new kitchen or renovating your existing one, carefully considering the proper features of your range hood will benefit you in the long run.

Basic Types of Range Hoods

When planning the design and function of your kitchen, it's important that you consider the type of range hood you'll be getting. Hoods are not exactly the most inconspicuous piece of appliance. In fact, they often dominate in design and can be a central point of visual. You have 4 basic types to consider and see if any one of these will go well with the look and style you are aiming for.

1. Under Cabinet

An under-cabinet range hood is placed beneath the cabinet directly above your stove top. The cabinet serves as the extended part of the range hood, often used as sort enclosure or hood covering. This type may duct the air up and out or directly at the back. Users who choose this kind of vent hood prefer something unobtrusive and well-hidden to go well with their kitchen design.

2. Wall Mount

Like the name suggests, this type is hood is installed and attached to the wall without cabinets. The clean and sleek look of this kind of range hood offers a good view of its body and size. This is a fairly popular kind that comes with various styles, sizes, forms, and finish to cater to many users. The bare look offers a clean look of the wall and opens up wall space that is otherwise obstructed by an under-cabinet type. More modern kitchens prefer this type of hood.

3. Island Hood

For kitchens that are designed with a stove top integrated with the island counter, an island hood that is ceiling mounted would be most ideal. Similar to the wall mount, this is a standalone piece that is left bare, offering a clean design to many modern kitchens. This is also a popular choice for outdoor kitchens.

4. Downdraft

As opposed to the types positioned above stove tops, downdraft hoods are located at the sides of the stove tops. This is an alternative for users who do not want island hoods due to the obstruction in view while cooking. Experts, however, find this less efficient because the air or smoke will travel upwards first before they are collected or sucked out downwards.

The Importance of Ducting to the Outside

There are two types of ducting, one is ducted to the outside and the other is filtering then restoring the filtered substance inwards called ductless range hoods. Experts always recommend the ducted to the outside because it is efficient in removing the smokes and odors that fill the kitchen. With ductless types, however, the condensation and smoke are not reduced. Therefore, many highly recommend people to invest in ducted range hoods for better functionality and performance.

It would be easier to pick the range hood of your choice based on your needs and the kitchen design. Consider the reliable brands and trusted installers to provide you with the best service. You can check out kitchen rangehoods in to help you compare the products and prices offered by various suppliers and retailers online.
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