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For any web master, or e-commerce website owner, we all know that building links into you website is a very important process, but there is some things to be aware of when building links, and there is a proper way of building links.

One thing I've always done when I've first started a website was to build links to it by doing directory submissions, high quality directory submissions, and article submissions. This process can sometimes be a link bait effect specially with article submissions.

When doing article submissions, that give the "viewers" a more clear look at what you have to offer on your website, and if its something very pro efficient, and they find it interesting they might just link you, and spread the word to there Internet friends, or just there average general friends.

Some things to realize about doing article submissions is to always make sure you put your keywords inside the title of the article, the reason I say this is cause a big majority of the time this is what going to show up in the search engines, so say someone is searching for "widgets".

Well its a possibility that your article link could show up, and by them going to your article, and reading about what your author published, or you published they might just find it interesting and check further into your website, just be sure to put more then 1 keyword in your title, and mix them up.

Now when were submitting to directories we always want to keep your "keyword", inside the anchor text because when the robots/spiders go search through the web there valuing the anchor text the most from ibl(inbound links) to you, and this will give you a major boost if done right, and have got enough of these links.

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