How to Ride an ATV in the Snow Without Chains

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    • 1). Get information about the current weather conditions for your chosen route. Check the weather forecast so that you know whether to expect inclement weather during your drive.

      Contact your local law enforcement office to determine if ATVs are permitted on your chosen route. Obtain the landowner's permission when riding on private property.

    • 2). Fit your ATV with traction-maximizing snow tires that remain flexible in cold temperatures to give your vehicle stability. They may be tungsten carbide metal stud tires or tires with safety spikes.

      Alternatively, affix durable radial ATV winter tires possessing aggressive treads for smooth snow riding. Buy snow tires featuring a sidewall design that prevents snow buildup. While the tread should be wide with thinly cut deep lugs for efficient snow traction and quiet riding, the tires must be light to save on horsepower, to ease steering and to help stay afloat on snow.

      A tire with a built-in rim guard will keep snow from piling up on the bead regions and safeguard the wheel's lip.

      Oil necessary parts on your ATV and tighten all nuts and bolts.

      Wear insulated racing gear and a helmet with a windshield to offset wind chills and prevent fatigue. Carry extra dry gear and clothes in case you get cold or wet.

    • 3). Drive ATVs without chains only on hard, stable snow, never on soft snow or messy snow trails.

      Drive very slowly using the lowest gear on snow surfaces, as they tend to be slick.

      Keep headlights on, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and look ahead for approaching vehicles and impediments so that you have sufficient time to circumvent them in the snowy or icy conditions.

    • 4). Avoid excessive braking. Apply brakes very lightly while riding an ATV without chains on slippery ice patches to prevent the vehicle from skidding.

      Keep both your hands on the handlebars. Never take your feet off the footrest. This will prevent you from hitting the tires and causing the vehicle to topple.

      Lean your body toward turns while reducing throttle gas to turn safely.

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