The History of Zap Skimboards

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Zap skimboards has become a powerful force in the skimboarding world.
The founder of zap skimboards is Bob Smetts.
Bob is from Venice Florida.
He created his first skimboard in his backyard back in 1983.
Back at that time Smetts was building custom surfboards and sailboards.
Having grown up in Venice, and this being where he began skimboarding at the mere age of 7 on some home brewed plywood slabs.
And just at the young age of 15, Bob made his very first surfboard.
Then in 1975 he moved to the North Shore of Oahu so he could hone his surfing skills and board building skills.
He later returned to Florida back in 1981 and married Karla Smetts and started a family.
Bob said, "we had five kids and built a lot of great memories.
" He was still continuing to build surfboards and sailboards under the name "Smetts", and "Windflight".
Here's a quote from Bob, "The first Zaps were built to supplement my surfboard building income.
At first it was simply economics, but over time the skimboard design and construction process began to develop and mature.
Skimboards became our only business, I call it Zapology.
" The manufacturing process for zap skimboards included many of the tools, molds, and equipment that they use now and were designed right there and Zap grew to be the national and famous brand that it is now.
And by the early 1990's, Zap found it's way to the beaches and in the hands of skimboarders in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and the Caribbean.
What started out as a supplemental income building boards for beginners and the entry level consumer market has turned out to be one of the biggest and most respected names in the skimboarding industry.
Zap was just struggling to fill a product void in an expanding sport on a tiny budget.
Now every skimboarder in the world knows Zap.
They have also become a major force in Asia and continue to expand their boards all over the world.
Their boards are also proudly made in the USA.
If you're out skimboarding this summer and you happen to run into other skimboarders, I can almost bet the farm that you'll see one of their skimboards out there hitting the waves.
If you get a chance I urge all skimmers to pick up a Zap board and hit the waves.
Once you do you'll never go back.
Be safe and have fun.
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