3 Ways To Enhance Your White Gold Engagement Ring

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Gemstones are available in a variety of colours and can offer the perfect accent for a white gold engagement ring.
These precious rocks are crystallised minerals that formed in the earth millions of years ago, and besides diamonds, the most popular ones used in white gold engagement rings are sapphires, emeralds, and rubies.
Sapphires A sapphire is a transparent jewel made of oxygen and aluminium.
It is an incredibly hard stone, almost rivalling the hardness of a diamond, and it is known for its durability.
They naturally occur in a variety of colours, but their most common shade ranges from light to navy blue.
Depending on the titanium and iron content found within the stone, the gem may appear pink, orange, purple, green, or even yellow.
Pinkish orange sapphires known as padparadscha are the most valuable because they are the rarest, while green sapphires are the least expensive.
A stone with a natural blue colour will always be more costly than one artificially infused with a different shade of blue or a new colour altogether.
Sapphires have become increasingly popular in white gold engagement rings over the last several years and this has largely been attributed to the piece of jewellery used to mark the engagement of the most recent royal couple.
Emeralds An emerald is a precious jewel that contains a chromium rich variety of beryl.
The colour of the gem is determined by the variation of chromium and vanadium contents within the stone.
They are mainly known for their profound green shade, and they can be used to create dazzling jewellery pieces.
The gem can also be found in blue, yellow, or brown but natural green emeralds are far more coveted, and are therefore more expensive.
They are not a naturally hard stone, so they can crack and wear rather easily.
Because of this fragility, emeralds are often cut without corners in an attempt to reduce the possibility of damage.
They pair well with white gold engagement rings because of the eye-catching contrast between the pale metal band and the deep green hue of the gem.
Rubies Rubies symbolically represent happiness and love, and given this metaphorical meaning, many are partial to accenting them in their engagement rings.
They consist of aluminium and oxygen and are a very durable stone.
Their high level of hardness permits them to be cut into any shape, although oval and cushion are the most popular styles used for white gold engagement rings.
Rubies receive their vivid red hue from the mineral chromium.
Depending on how abundant this mineral is within the stone, the gem can range from a light rose to a deep crimson.
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