How to Compare Car Insurance in Texas

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    • 1). Visit the TDI website auto insurance section. Complete the driver profile to get sample rates for auto liability insurance. You will need to select the county and zip code, your gender, age and vehicle type. Indicate if you have accidents or tickets in the last three years. Since your credit score also relates to insurance rates, you must select whether your credit is good, average or poor. If you do not know for sure, you can guess at your credit score or run the report with different credit ratings to see the difference in rates. Choose the amount of liability insurance coverage you want. Remember that auto liability insurance coverage requirements for 2011 are 30/60/25 or $30,000 for an injury, $60,000 for an accident and $25,000 property damage. These are minimum limits.

    • 2). Submit the driver profile on the TDI website. It will generate a report with sample rates. This report includes name of insurer with an A.M.Best rating. A.M.Best rates insurance companies for financial strength. The report generated by TDI provides an annual sample rate for your coverage requirements and the complaint index, so you can see customer satisfaction for each insurance company listed.

    • 3). Check the company name, the complaint index for customer satisfaction and the sample rate estimate for your insurance coverage to make the selections. The lowest-priced insurance is not always the best company for you. You want a company that will be there when you need and that will pay a claim without delays and hassle. Select two or three companies to compare by checking the box in the middle of the form.

    • 4). Scroll to the bottom and submit with "Create Worksheet." The comparisons are side-by-side and include discounts offered and coverage under the policy terms. A simple grid shows basic coverage information and the full detail grid reviews the policy terms in detail.

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